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Gavin Marwick’s Journeyman Spectacular, St Andrew’s in the Square, 18 January 2014

The extremely talented fiddle player Gavin Marwick has finally launched his long awaited debut album, a double one at that too!

This Celtic Connections 2014 concert titled Gavin Marwick’s Journeyman Spectacular also doubled as Gavin’s long awaited debut album launch. It was very aptly named as “Spectacular” it most certainly was.

For many years Gavin Marwick has featured in many bands as an outstanding fiddle player but has now come to the fore with a double album, ‘The Long Road and the Far Horizons’ which is all music written by himself.

The concert showcased this fantastic album and was like Ceilidh Minogue meets Bellevue Rendezvous with many extras. Gavin featured in both these bands and his fellow band members have joined him in this venture as indeed do many other very talented musicians. The line up was like a who’s who in Scottish music. On seeing this line up I knew the concert was going to be a musical extravaganza and I was not disappointed.

Right from the very start the audience were totally gripped by the superb musicianship on show in front of them. From reels, to jigs, to slow airs, to traditional songs the audience were thoroughly entertained. There were even some who could not resist the temptation and were dancing away down the sides of the auditorium.

The Journeyman Spectacular will be going on tour and this is one concert I would definitely make a point of seeing when it comes to a venue near you. Gavin’s fiddling ability has never been in doubt and now that this album is all self penned material and the music is played by up to 10 different musicians at the same time you are guaranteed a phenomenal experience.

The star studded line up included:
Gavin Marwick – fiddle
Ruth Morris – nyckelharpa/fiddle/piano
Cameron Robson – cittern/Jews harp/guitar
Bob Turner – piano
Gregor Lowrey – accordion
Fraser Fifield – sax/low whistle/kaval/cajon
Jonny Hardie – fiddle/guitar
Davy Cattanach – percussion/ guitar
Aaron Jones – bouzouki/bass
Claire Mann – flute/fiddle

Danny Matheson (Presenter at Celtic Music Radio)