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Send us your music

Please note our general music policy: we tend not to play mainstream genres, such as rock, pop, dance, urban. To avoid disappointment, please have a listen into our programmes to get an idea of what we play first.

Celtic Music Radio 95FM is committed to supporting new and emerging talent.

Our team will be pleased to accept recordings of good quality from established and upcoming performers. We will endeavour to give any such material airplay subject to a quality threshold in terms of recording and performance.

We accept submissions in a variety of ways:

By Post: Please mark for the attention of  Music Group to our studio address at the bottom of the page.

By Email: Please email MusicSG@celticmusicradio.net  in the first instance for instructions.

By Dropbox: Please email studio@celticmusicradio.net in the first instance for instructions.

Notes on recording quality

  • Like every other radio station, we use a computer playout system, in our case Myriad from P Squared.
  • We prefer and tend to hold tracks as wav files for greatest playback quality. If you send us an mp3, it will be converted to wav. This does not increase the quality of the original mp3.
  • We also use CD players to play directly from discs.
  • Generally speaking, we prefer CDs to be sent as our presenters then have the sleevenotes, etc in a handy place to use on air.
  •  We will only accept the highest quality mp3files (320kbps with 44.1kHz sampling). Through the broadcast process, audio can be converted several times, and starting with compressed audio only means your music will unlikely sound it’s best by the time it gets to our listeners.
  • We want you to sound your best!

Handy tips:

  • Please take the plastic wrapping off the CD before sending it to us (or any other radio station). It’s just a barrier to us getting it into a player!
  • When sending a CD, please make sure it’s a ‘production-quality’ copy. Please don’t just convert and burn MP3s to a CD as it won’t improve the sound quality.
  • If it is a demo or pre-release CD then please make sure that both the CD and the case are clearly labelled. Use an indelible pen on the CD rather than a sticky label.
  • Make sure the sleeve notes or biography contains details of where we can find out more info about you like your website address. The presenters will often look this up while a track is playing to allow them to say a little about you afterwards, for example, dates and venues for future gigs etc.
  • Highlight your best or favourite tracks. Yes we know they’re all good, but some of our presenters may not be familiar with your work. Give them a clue as to which ones to play. If you were releasing a single, which one would it be?
  • Include any relevant MCPS, PPL or PRS copyright information.
  • Please, please include a biography and contact details.
  • Feel free to send your music to a particular presenter. However, for consideration for the main database, please follow the above instructions.

We look forward to hearing and playing your music.