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There’s more to running a radio station than sitting behind a microphone, blethering away, playing your favourite CDs and drinking coffee!

There are lots of jobs that go on ‘behind the scenes’. Perhaps you might want to get involved?

We have a large audio library with over 20,000 catalogued tracks and growing daily. This is contained within our P Squared Myriad playout system.

There’s also a growing pile of newly-released CDs and demo tracks that arrive with every post.  We need people to have a listen to these and put the best material onto the playout system for future programming.

It doesn’t need any great technical skills, but it does need an appreciation of the genres of music that we play and you will be making a significant input to the running of Celtic Music Radio.

We also need people with technical skills in audio engineering, IT or ideally both.

We have three fully-equipped studios with computerised playout systems based on P Squared Myriad.   There are always jobs needing done to keep the playout system working well.

We could also use people with sound engineering experience for our outside broadcasts at events, concerts and in sessions in venues like pubs and other arts venues. We like to get out into the community, recording and broadcasting live gigs or just having a presence at community events to meet our community of interest and take in their views and valued opinions.

As well as someone sitting behind the microphone and playing CDs, we need technical staff to look after the audio levels and manage the links back to the main studio.

Everyone at Celtic Music Radio is a volunteers, so at this time there is no payment or expenses. But you’ll get a chance to get involved in a thriving social business with a radio station that has a professional approach to operation.  You can gain skills in various ways through using computer software editing and general networking opportunities.

You can also hear a lot of good music and meet a lot of interesting and varied people including many singer-songwriters and performing artists from around the Glasgow area and around the world.

But most importantly, it’s enjoyable and that is why the rest of us do it!

If you’re interested, contact us on or call 0141 237 9205

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