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Moira Kerr

Moira Kerr has been singing from the age of three so progression into the entertainment business was natural and winning her first Talent Contest really got her career going.

Her songs, for which she also often composes the music, are mainly of Scotland and the Highlands and these show a rare insight and love of her homeland. The albums which she has created have a wide appeal to all groups and her poetry which is a new venture for Moira, has a poignancy and wit which is both refreshing and subtle.

Moira’s first appearance in the USA was in April 1998 in New York, followed by several concerts in California.  Moira also made her Canadian debut in November 1998.

Moira has now recorded no fewer than 10 albums ranging from her original “folk” emphasis to jazz, hymns, and her current unique blend of contemporary Scottish music with time-honored traditional songs.

Moira’s presentation skills have been developed over the years and she has recently become an accomplished after-dinner speaker.  She has also performed on BBC One television on the ‘Songs of Praise’ and before joining Celtic Music Radio, Moira presented an occasional music and chat programme on the Glasgow based internet service Radio Six International.

Moria Kerr presents Sounds Celtic on Celtic Music Radio, Saturdays 10.00am-12 noon.