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Ross Macfadyen

Ross started his radio career in 1985 at the University of Strathclyde Student Union’s internal ‘StrathRadio’ service. This of course was instead of the BA in Business Studies he was supposed to be studying for!

“My musical taste has always been eclectic,” says Ross. “Anything goes, from Mozart to Motorhead. My time at Celtic Music Radio has opened a rich vein of music I may never have discovered by myself.”

Ross’  favourite musicians include singer/songwriters Dougie MacLean, Billy Joel, Colin Hay, Bruce Springsteen, The Sands Family, Davy Lees, Mozart, Beethoven, Satie and Vangelis.

Ross joined Celtic Music Radio on the night of the Danny Kyle Open Stage Anniversary Concert on 19 July 2008 and managed a fair number of Outside Broadcasts including Celtic Connectons and Perthshire Amber.

Ross has produced his weekly Thank Folk It’s Friday show since May 2011. He was also Programming and Music Director of Celtic Music Radio from 2011 to 2018.

Ross was nominated for a Radio Academy Production Award for his recording of Songwright’s Matt McGinn tribute night at East Kilbride Arts Centre, and won Music Director (Radio) of the Year Award at the inaugral Scottish New Music Awards 2011.

Fellow Strath Radio / Fusion presenter interviewed Ross about his love of radio.
You can read Gavin Knight’s Obsidian Notes interview with Ross here.

If you would like to be considered for a session on Thank Folk It’s Friday, please send your CD and biog to:

Ross Macfadyen, Celtic Music Radio 95FM, 54 Admiral Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow G41 1HU

Email Ross Macfadyen: ross@celticmusicradio.net

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