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Celtic Music Radio 95FM is a fantastic medium for Glasgow businesses reaching out to their city, as in a highly targeted and very cost effective way. It’s also an excellent platform for businesses and organisations in the music, cultural and tourism sectors to speak to our FM and online listeners.

848,307 adults currently live within the Greater Glasgow Area and Celtic Music Radio on average is reaching 44,926 listeners every month via 95FM and online, with a further 32,557 listeners throughout the world tuning in online.

This gives us a 5.30% share of the Greater Glasgow Area tuning in to our station every month, which could be your future customers.

These days where just about every business has a website, the amount of information thrown at the general public when conducting a search can be overwhelming. Advertising with Celtic Music Radio can help your business cut through all that information, letting our listeners and your future customers know exactly who you are and what you do.

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Our coverage area on 95FM

Advertising Costs eg

95 adverts for £95 on 95FM

Our ‘signature’ package

This advertising package gives you 4 adverts spread evenly throughout the day for maximum of 23 days. We believe this is a great campaign for those who are running an event or album launch etc. and want a short, speedy way to reach the general public leading up to the event.

If you are looking to run a longer advertising campaign for your business, email sales@celticmusicradio.net

Our advertising packages begin at £150 per calendar month.

With this package, you get 4 adverts spread evenly throughout the day for a maximum of 30 days. In total, this gives your business 120 adverts running from 8am till 12midnight continuously for the month.

From 12 midnight – 8am we run repeat shows that will air your advert a further 2 plays. This gives your company 60 extra adverts free of charge bringing the total amount of adverts for a month to 180 adverts.

Each advertising slot is 30 seconds long.

If you already have an advertising script for radio prepared, fantastic. Send us your advert and we shall place it in our system. However, if you do not have a radio script prepared we can organise a professional script for a one-off fee of £50 per script.


Other Advertising Packages

As well as our regular advertising spots, there are other methods at our disposal to help you to promote your business with Celtic Music Radio.

Sponsor the Station

As a registered charity, none of the volunteers or Board Members at Celtic Music Radio receives any payment for their time and dedication. However, we still have our costs for the upkeep of equipment, systems, as well as license fees etc. that we have to pay.

By becoming a Station sponsor you can help us to continue providing the best medium for new artists to be heard, and keep real music alive. As a Station sponsor, you will get all the advertising perks we have to offer as well as advertising space on our, flyers, posters and prominent space on our Advertising banners during our Live and Outside broadcasts etc. We have a range of Sponsorship packages available and would be very pleased to discuss those with you.

Year Events Planner

Every year we create an A2  events planner with folk and music festivals that are taking place throughout the year. During Celtic Connections festival every January we distribute approx. 4,500 – 5,000 of these event planners to individuals and businesses to put in their canteens, next to their water dispensers etc. These are thousands of potential customers for your business.

Each advert on our event planner is business card-sized (or can be larger). For indicative costs, please get in touch.

Website Advertising

Every month we are getting over 9,900 page views on our website. With a breakdown of 43.60% returning visitors, and 56.40% new visitors to our website. We can place your advertising logo on our website, with a follow-on link to your webpage. For indicative costs, please get in touch.

Sponsor a Program

We have a wide variety of music that our audience tunes into from our great The Scot’s Connection, Ballads and Balladeers, The Lunchtime Selection, Thank Folk It’s Friday, and many more.

You can sponsor one of our shows at extremely affordable rates; this will give you two adverts at the start and end of each show. If taken out in three-month bookings, we will also run you the 95 for 95 adverts during your first month.

Sponsor a Live Broadcast

Every year we broadcast live at Glasgow’s own Celtic Connections Festival and in 2015 we reached a record number of 115,976 listeners tuning into our station. With live music and chat during our afternoon sessions to the live Danny Kyle open stage events, we provide our listeners with the very best of new music as well as updates on those playing during the festival. If you would like to advertise or sponsor our broadcasts at Celtic Connections please contact us to discuss a package that would best suit you.

We are very lucky to attend and broadcast from some of the best music festivals that Scotland has to offer, such as Piping Live or Dougie MacLean’s Perthshire Amber Festival. Sponsoring a live broadcast will put your company at the forefront of our broadcasts through tailored on-air advertising. There are no set prices for these advertising campaigns as the festivals are of varying lengths. If you would like to sponsor one of our live broadcasts please contact our sales team to discuss a tailored package that would suit you.
If you would like to advertise with us then please contact our sales team at:

Email: sales@celticmusicradio.net

Advertiser links

The following businesses and services advertise on Celtic Music Radio and are listed here with a website link for further information. Celtic Music Radio is not responsible for external websites and content. To advertiser on Celtic Music Radio and on this website and e-Newsletter, please contact:  sales@celticmusicradio.net