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Album of the Week 16th Sept 2017  Paul Brady – Unfinished Business

Celtic Music Radios’ Album of the Week 16 Sept 2017  Paul Brady – Unfinished Business

With 18 plus of his own albums, not to mention books, videos, collaborations with other artists it’s safe to say that Paul Brady has brought us stunning music for over 50 years this album is best described in Pauls’ own words as to how it came about !

‘The record business was changing drastically over that period anyway and for a time I was, like many other artists, wondering was there any point in putting out an album at all.

 Even so, I was writing and recording all that time at my own place in Dublin. Since I still wasn’t sure if what I was putting down would ever come out, I just kept doing it for fun at my own pace, being recording engineer, playing most of the instruments myself and not thinking of it as for an album. I’ve never liked the pressure of booking musicians to make a record in a set period. It takes time for me to understand what I want from a song. Often in those situations, because I have to commit myself to what’s going on at the moment, I can end up, when I get some distance from it, with something that is not really what I intended. I didn’t want that this time.

There are nine new songs and two traditional folk songs. Three I wrote with Paul Muldoon, five with Sharon Vaughn and one with Ralph Murphy.

There are two traditional songs. ‘Lord Thomas And Fair Ellender’ I’ve sung forever since I heard it sung by Mike Seeger from The New Lost City Ramblers back in the 60s. I recorded it once before in The Johnstons in 1970. I just wanted to sing it again. This time I have the pleasure of Andy Irvine on harmonica and mandolin. The other one is ‘The Cocks Are Crowing’, I learned from the singing of the late Eddie Butcher from Magilligan in County Derry. I’ve always loved Eddie’s voice. I recorded his ’Don’t Come Again’ on my 1978 record ‘Welcome Here Kind Stranger’.

The Muldoon co-writes were a major sideways move for me. Paul is one of Ireland’s best loved poets and his poetry always interested and excited me. I knew he had co-written songs before with, among others, Warren Zevon and when he started sending me song lyrics I was excited to find out what I could bring to them. What was really good for me was that he wasn’t precious about his input. When I had the musical shape of a song together and it seemed to suggest additional lyrics, or even to lose some, he was happy for me to finish things off.

 Sharon Vaughn and I have always enjoyed writing together. On my 2005 album ‘Say What You Feel’ we wrote ‘Don’t Try To Please Me’, ‘Sail Sail On’ and ‘The You That’s Really You’. We always come up with a bunch of ‘keepers’ when we get together. This time I had a pile of tunes and one or two unfinished lyrics. In two days we had written four songs. The fifth came soon after. Sharon is a much loved member of the Nashville Songwriters’ Hall of Fame and it was a thrill to write with her.

Ralph Murphy and I have written several songs over the years. On ‘Hooba Dooba’ we wrote ‘One More Today’. ‘Once In A Lifetime’ on this record is another. It’s one of my favourites. My grand daughter Lyra loves singing it!’

This album brings Pauls’ voice on a journey from his traditional past to his vibrant and intuitive song writing and beautiful delivery of the present – and well worth the journey!



  1. Unfinished Business
  2. I Love You But You Love Him
  3. Something To Change
  4. Say You Don’t Mean
  5. Oceans Of Time
  6. Harvest Time
  7. The Cocks Are Crowing
  8. I Like How You Think
  9. Maybe Tomorrow
  10. Once In A Lifetime
  11. Lord Thomas And Fair Ellender

Upcoming gigs:-
Sept 26 London – Cadogan Hall
Unfinished Business Tour:-
Nov 17 Cork –   Opera House

 Nov 20 Derry –  Millennium Forum

Nov 21  Limerick – UCH Concert Hall

Nov 23  Belfast – Usher Hall

Nov 24  Letterkenny – Clanree Hotel

Nov 26 Dublin – Vicar Street


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