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Album of the Week 21st September Free One – Kinnairs Quintet

Kinnaris Quintet’s debut album, Free One. One of the most anticipated releases in years, Free One sees five supremely talented women – Jenn Butterworth, Laura-Beth Salter, Aileen Reid Gobbi, Fiona MacAskill and Laura Wilkie – give full expression to their musicality, unburdened by thoughts of what should be done but instead allowing the tunes to flow through them unconstrained.

It is a spectacular debut but one which, explains Gobbi, came about almost by chance.

She says: “We were all pals and had been playing music with each other at sessions and seeing each other at gigs and the like but it wasn’t until I felt the need for some sort of creative outlet that I gave the girls a shout and they came round to my flat and we just started jamming.”

From that first session came Saltspring Overture, one of the sets on the album. “We’d heard that tune being played at sessions so we just sat with some prosecco and gin and started playing and it just happened. It was so natural,” Gobbi says. “We didn’t set out to sound like anything or to not sound like anything. We just literally sat and played about.