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Album of the Week – Keep The Flame Alight by Martha L. Healy

Keep The Flame Alight by Martha L. Healy.

Scottish singer-songwriter, Martha L. Healy, returns with her new album ‘Keep The Flame Alight’ on the 5th October 2018.

The album was written and recorded in Nashville and sees her develop her personal songwriting voice whilst remaining true to the musical influences of her childhood. Growing up, she was raised on a diet of Americana music, before she knew what that even meant. The Eagles, The Traveling Wilburys and folk heroes, The Dubliners were all staples of the Healy family vinyl collection. The collection also included music by Patsy Cline, Carole King and anything remotely Motown.

‘Keep The Flame Alight’ is an album recorded in Nashville, but influenced by Martha’s Celtic roots. Through a mix of personal insight and story songs, she provides a fresh take on some classic themes: the need to leave somewhere to help find your place in the world; the ache of an unfulfilled love; the complexity of family and friendships and the need to live your own dreams. She also explores how being a woman in the 21st century is not without its fair share of pressures and demands.

“I miss the Northern Lights, the birds and their familiar song”

The album opens with ‘No Place Like Home’, an ode to home and Scotland, a reflection on how the place we come from can frustrate, but ultimately inspire us.

Keen to prove to herself that her songwriting had developed since her first album (Better Days, 2014), Martha embarked on a life sabbatical in Nashville in 2016. Nine of the album’s ten tracks are self-penned and the one co-write is with friend and Nashville artist, Wendy Newcomer, who also brings the background vocals. Following receipt of Creative Scotland funding, the album was recorded back  in Music City in October/November 2017, with David Spicher in the production chair and a host of fantastic Nashville session players, including Bill Cooley (guitars/bazouki), Todd Lombardo (guitars/mandolin), Rory Hoffman (accordion, piano), Eamon McLoughlin (Fiddle), Wendy Newcomer (Vocals), Dave Racine (Drums) and Chas Williams (Dobro).

Martha releases ‘Keep The Flame Alight’  on 5th October 2018 with a launch gig at Glasgow Americana Festival on 6th October.