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Album of The Week on CMR 4th Aug 2018 – Hamish Napier’s ‘ The Railway’

Album of The Week on CMR  4 Aug 2018 – Hamish Napier’s ‘ The Railway’
This solo album / soundtrack was commissioned by Karen Blessington at ‘Grantown East: Highland Heritage & Cultural Centre’.- Released 1 Aug 2018

How Hamish came to this new project!

‘ Well…having lived and worked in Glasgow for 17 years I finally took the bold step of moving back North to the Highlands where I grew up. As much of my work remains in Glasgow, I find myself a regular passenger on the railways for the first time in my life.

When I performed The River (2015) live in Grantown in summer ’16, Karen approached me enthusiastically after the show, inviting me to compose a soundtrack to her exciting new venture, the Grantown East: Highland Heritage & Cultural Centre.’

‘The Old Railway Station’, as I called it when I was wee, was just over the river from the house. It was haunted, and as a dare, my brothers, pals and I – including the drummer on this album, ‘Stone’ – would sometimes sneak in to the forbidden derelict buildings. Over two decades later, with the ruin carefully restored into an important local monument and cultural centre, the ghosts of the railway people are given a platform to tell the world their story.

The Railway, my second solo album, is dedicated to three railwaymen: Jimmy Gray (93, driver from Aviemore), Jocky Hay (94, driver from Inverness) and James telfer (94, the last signalman at Grantown-on-Spey East Station). Many of these tunes and songs were…  more credits releases August 1, 2018′

All Artists on The Railway CD
Hamish Napier – whistles, flutes, piano, Rhodes, Wurly, Mellotron & backing vocals
Fraser Stone – drums & percussion
Ewan Robertson – guitar
Findlay Napier – lead vocal & guitar (tracks 3 & 10)
James Lindsay – double bass
Ross Ainslie – Highland pipes in ‘A’ & border pipes
Patsy Reid – fiddles, viola, cello & string arrangements
The Napiers – vocals (Gillian Frame and Lucy Napier on track 11)
Strathspey Railway – whistle, wheels, brakes, rails, steam and chattering folk on the platform
Broomhill Sheep – vocals (track 10)
Jimmy’s Fireplace – as itself (track 7)

Tracs on the CD
1. The Speyside Line 04:08          

  1. Double-Header 02:50
  2. Jocky the Mole 02:50
  3. The Firebox
  4. The Old Ways
  5. Up the Hill
  6. Helen’s Song
  7. The Station
  8. Dr. McGugan’s Favourite
  9. The World Came in By Rail
  10. Cheery Groove
  11. Diesel
  12. The Railwayman, Pt. 1
  13. The Railwayman, Pt. 2
  14. The Railwayman, Pt. 3

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