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Blue Rose Code – Drygate 25th April 2015

BLUE ROSE CODE, Drygate, Glasgow, April 25, 2015

When you have created a treasure chest of musical gems, the chances are your live performances will sparkle and shine.

This is certainly true of Blue Rose Code’s songs: they are a real deal treat and live they prove to be atmospheric, meaningful and joyous, deliciously performed by Ross Wilson (Blue Rose Code is his moniker) with his hugely able and smiley musical buddies on stage.

Drums, keyboards, double bass, cello and guitars were the welcome backdrop to a glorious set list that dipped into Scottish Album of The Year nomination, The Ballads of Peckham Rye with flawless performances of Edina, One Day At A Time and more. Gorgeous opener In The Morning is a new song set for a future album and no-one in the audience doubted it will be another cross-over artistic triumph.

Folk, soul, country, Celtic shades and ice-cool slivers of jazz impressed us throughout as did the vocals which always have me thinking John Martyn, Van Morrison, Ray la Montagne.

The overall effect is quite stunning in a gently re-assuring and warming manner. The lyrics and the melodies flow and soar confidently, delivered with a tenderness we could equally absorb and cherish.

This was a polished, engrossing performance, one to look back on with sheer delight.

Review by Mike Ritchie

Photo credit: Zoe Barrie