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Caladh Nua, St Andrew’s in the Square, 18 January 2014

This five piece band from Ireland took to the stage in Glasgow as relatively unknowns in this part of the world, but by the time they had left the stage some 45 minutes later they had made many new friends.

This was Irish music at its very finest. Despite the fact that understanding them when they spoke in their broad accents was difficult their music spoke volumes for them. Right from the outset when they started with a set of reels they had the audience encapsulated. People were squirming in their seats, which had nothing to do with the uncomfortable seats at St Andrews in the Square, but they were so eager to get up and dance. It was impossible not be toe tapping along to the music.

From the set of reels at the start to the set of jigs and reels at the end of their set this audience loved Caladh Nua. There was a good blend of traditional tunes, original material and well known songs such as Richard Thomson’s “Beeswing”.

Caladh Nua consist of Lisa Butler on Lead vocals and fiddle, Eoin O’Meachair with banjo, whistle and backing vocals, Paddy Tutty on fiddle and bodhran, Derek Morrissey on the two row button accordion and Colm O’Caoimh on guitar and vocals.

If you like Irish music you will positively love this band!

Danny Matheson (Presenter at Celtic Music Radio)