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Carol Fieldhouse – Linen

This week’s Album of the Week is Linen from Carol Fieldhouse

“Carol is in the great tradition of English-Art Folk songwriters. Nick Drake, Sandy Denny, Kate Bush are all in her world, although her world encompasses other spheres too including dance and cinema. I look forward to the first Carol Fieldhouse album and the joy of sharing it with other music lovers.”

David Scott, The Pearlfishers 

Great quote from David Scott and Celtic Music Radio is chuffed to be the first airplay of Carol Fieldhouse’s Linen CD.

We first met Carol via the University of the West of Scotland’s MA in Songwriting and Performance a couple of years ago and were instantly taken with her songs and voice.

Ross says:

Carol Fieldhouse’s voice is a gentle and captivating instrument that draws you into her world a bit like a faerie tale.

Her writing is clever, yet lulls you like a cool and fresh summer’s day. It’s as comfortable as linen itself and as soft as cotton.


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