Mary Dillon – 'North'

Mary Dillon – 'North'

Mar 30, 2013

“North” from Mary Dillon is this week”s Album of the Week commencing Saturday 30 March 2013.

Listen in on Saturday from 12 noon and midnight and from 6.00pm on Monday 1 April to hear Mary Dillon talk with Alex Jenkins.

Mary Dillon’s debut solo album , is one of the most eagerly anticipated folk albums of the year. A former member of Irish band Déanta in the 1990s, the Derry singer has been absent from the music scene for over a decade, but returns in 2013 with a renewed energy to showcase a diverse collection of folk songs from the Ulster singing tradition.

Having spent the past 15 years raising a family, occasionally stepping into the studio to lend guest vocals to some of her friends’ projects, Mary is ready to rejoin her internationally-acclaimed sister Cara as one of the torch bearers of Irish traditional singing.

Twice winner of the All-Ireland Singing Trophy by her mid-teens, Mary came from a background immersed in Irish traditional music. “Both of my grandmothers were traditional singers – something I wasn’t aware of until I started singing with Déanta years ago. One day I came home with a song we were recording and my mother stopped still in the kitchen and told me that her own mother used to sing that very song” says Mary.

The passion for collecting traditional songs is something that has clearly been passed down through generations in the Dillon family: “Cara and myself always have a good chin wag about which ones are the nicest and why. We were also taught traditional songs as part of our primary school education. Music was everywhere.”

The songs on the album encompass a wide range of themes and settings, with the central focus being on characters and a good story. “Many traditional songs take the form of a conversation between a woman and a man” says Mary, “so by imagining the scenes playing out in my head I find it’s easy to get the right feel when recording vocals.”

Fans of Mary’s previous work will be familiar with the song ‘John Condon’, a harrowing account of a fourteen-year-old boy’s role in WW1. Having sung the original demo recording of this song in 2003, which subsequently became something of a modern folk classic, she has re-recorded it with a stunning new vocal on North.

As well as ancient traditional songs, the album includes recent compositions, including her own song, ‘The Boatman’.“Like many other songwriters I like to write about what really matters to me: life experiences, people, places. Some emotions are best expressed through song, and so it can be a cathartic process.

All of the songs on the album are linked to the North of Ireland, some of which I have carried with me since childhood says Mary, so it

felt right that the album title should give a nod to the rich singing heritage we have.”

Album of the Week: ‘Alone’ by Eleanor McEvoy

The Celtic Music Radio Album of the Week commencing Saturday 6 October is the new release from Eleanor McEvoy with her new album called Alone.

As defined in it’s title, ‘Alone’ is an album of Eleanor and her songs through the medium of a single voice and a single instrument.  Eleven songs written by her and a take on P.F. Sloan’s ‘Eve Of Destruction’.

Says Eleanor: “There was a time once when I was stranded in a long gap between dates when a tour, on which I was the guest, had gone pear shaped. With time to kill, I headed for the peace of The Grange, a studio tucked away in the Norfolk countryside, that I knew from an earlier session. In the converted barn, alone except for Dave the engineer I stepped up to the microphone and sang my songs. My state of mind wasn’t the brightest, but there was a certain something about being in a good studio with no agenda, no deadline, no A&R pressure, it just came out.”

What came out are some very haunting performances, up close, personal, yet timeless. This is Eleanor in a most intimate setting, running through the journey of her writing and singing career. The collection includes ‘Sophie’, ‘A Woman’s Heart’ and ‘You’ll Hear Better Songs (Than This)’

Eleanor McEvoy is in conversation with Alex Jenkins on this week’s Album of the Week.  Saturday 12 noon and 12 midnight and Monday at 6.00pm plus: Catch-Up anytime.

Win Dean Friedman Tickets

Legendary singer-songwriter, Dean Friedman is playing Glasgow’s Cottiers Theatre on Saturday 4th August.

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Album of the Week: Sally Spring – ‘Mockingbird’

The Celtic Music Radio CD Album of the Week commencing Saturday 7 July is from American singer-songwriter Sally Spring called ‘Mockingbird’.
Alex Jenkins presents this singer at 12 noon and 12 midnight Saturday and on Monday 9 July at 6.00pm.
Sally Spring,  folk-rock marvel since the 1970’s, self released records long before the “indie” world was popular. Her new release is Mockingbird
Born in California and raised in North Carolina, she literally started singing even before she could even speak. The daughter of an inventor/computer trailblazer whose classmates were Hewlett and Packard, Spring grew up thinking outside the box. At 11 years old, she bought her first guitar, figured out open tunings on her own and accompanied herself on a local television appearance a mere six weeks after she started playing.
Album of the Week with Alex Jenkins, Saturday at 12 noon and 12 midnight and Monday 9 July at 6.00pm.

Live from Belfast on St Patrick’s Day this Saturday

Celtic Music Radio is getting ready to ‘Jump into Ireland’ for a live broadcast from Belfast on St Patrick’s Day on Saturday 17 March.

Gordon Hotchkiss and Alex Jenkins will be crossing the North Channel to Belfast for an all day broadcast of live music sessions and chat to give you a taste of St Patrick’s Day live from the Northern Ireland capital city.

Celtic Music Radio will be based at the Cultúrlann Irish Culture Centre at 216 Falls Road which is at the centre of Belfast’s Irish language community.

Celtic Music Radio acknowledges support from Tourism Ireland and Northern Ireland Tourist Board for this outside broadcast on St Patrick’s Day 2012.

St Patrick’s Day live from Belfast, Saturday 17 March 12noon – 5.00pm and the Evening Session live from Cultúrlann Irish Culture Centre 7.00-9.00pm.

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