Travels With My Auntie Liz, Tuesday 16th September 8-10pm

Travels With My Auntie Liz, Tuesday 16th September 8-10pm

Sep 16, 2014

On tonight’s (Tuesday 16th September)  Travels with my Auntie Liz show, I have an interview with the one and only Brian McNeill   (or could now be known as Dr McNeill I presume!) and Gaile Martin-Brown for the Falkirk Pot Project which is in full ‘swing’.  In fact, Brian leaves for Bandawi in Malawi today.

Also, a ‘snippit’ The Kelpies’ Suite is, so far, the instrumental and choral side of what Brian has composed for the Falkirk Music Pot project. 

The players on this are members of Falkirk Fiddle Workshop along with members of the Falkirk Schools Senior Orchestra conducted by Ian Boulter.  Brian is also composing songs and more instrumental pieces, including  as a result of his trip to Malawi this month and everything will culminate in two concerts next March in Falkirk Town Hall, as well as the CDs.

Creative Place in Scotland came along which with this project which hopes to get Falkirk better known locally, nationally and internationally and this project was born by Gaile Martin-Brown  in charge of traditional music for the council.  The project is with Falkirk Communities Trust who had been working on a project which encompassed a Larbert schools research and the Carron Iron Works which highlighted the fact that children in Africa were eating their breakfast out of pots that had been made in Falkirk.

No matter how many times that iron is melted down and used for something else, it still comes back to it’s origins in Falkirk, making that stretch to encompasses music and Brian was sought out once again, this time  for The Falkirk Music Pot Project – working with young people and local groups of all music genres to write and perform music last will leave a lasting legacy in more ways than one!

Into Africa ! Brian and Jacqueline McNeill

Into Africa ! Brian and Jacqueline McNeill


Mairi Orr

Mairi Orr is recording her debut album with Mattie Foulds and Steve Polwart    in October with all original songs and has just launched a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to raise funds for it.

So if you could link onto the website at and do all you can to allow this very talented artist to get this album recorded. It only requires 600 of you to donate £5 each that would get the album done or whatever you can afford would also help towards production.

If you donated £10, you get a free download of the album ahead of everyone else when released.  There are only three weeks to go, so please get donating!  I will play a couple of Mairi’s songs of her EP ‘The Gathering Crows’ on tonight’s show.

Thanks for listening! Liz.

You can get the show on Catch Up for next 30 days.

Travels with my Auntie Liz, Tuesday 16 September 8.00-10.00pm; repeated Wednesday 17 September 1.00-3.00pm and Catch Up anytime.

Live session on Ceòl ’s Craic tonight, Monday 6.00pm

Live session on Ceòl ’s Craic tonight, Monday 6.00pm

Sep 15, 2014

Ceòl ’s Craic will be hosting a live music session by the elusive ‘Véloniños’ on Monday 15 September between 6.00 and 7.00pm on Celtic Music Radio 95 FM.

The Véloniños will be performing at the Ceòl ’s Craic ‘Oidhche Americana’ on Saturday 27 September in an annual celebration of this musical genre presented in association with An Lòchran.

Véloniños are Davie Duncan, Laurie Cuffe and Hugh Jamieson will be performing a few of the original rock ‘n’ roll inspired songs that delighted the Ceòl ’s Craic audience when they appeared at last year’s event. View the The Veloninos & Ceitlin Smith video here.

Joining them will be the Irish actress and director Muireann Kelly who’ll be talking about her most recent Gaelic theatre projects.

Ceòl ’s Craic with Ishbel Murray, Monday 15 September 6.00-7.00pm and Catch Up anytime.

VeloninosBidh Ceòl ’s Craic a’ toirt aoigheachd dha na ‘Véloniños’, còmhlan ciùil a tha caran diùid, ach a bhios a’ cluich seisean ciùil beò air Celtic Music Radio 95 FM + Diluain 15 Sultain eadar 6 is 7f.

Bidh na Véloniños a’ nochdadh aig an CCA Disathairne 27 Sultain nuair a bhios Ceòl ’s Craic, ann an co-bhanntachd ris An Lòchran, a’ cur air adhart ‘Oidhche Americana’ – a’ comharrachadh gnè ciùil aig a bheil tarraing mòr dha na Gàidheal.

Bidh Davie Duncan, Laurie Cuffe agus Hugh Jamieson bho na Véloniños a’ cluich cuid dhe na h-òrain tùsail aca fhèin san stùideo agus a’ bruidhinn air a’ cheòl rock ‘n’ roll a tha gam brosnachadh.

Bidh sinn cuideachd ann an còmhradh ris a’ chleasaiche agus stùiriche Èireannach, Muireann Kelly, agus a’ faighinn a-mach mu dheidhinn nam proiseactan dràma Gàidhlig anns a bheil i an-sàs an-dràsta.

Ceòl ’s Craic with Ishbel Murray, Monday 15 September 6.00-7.00pm and Catch Up anytime.

Mary K. Burke interview with singer John McNicholl

Mary K. Burke interview with singer John McNicholl

Sep 13, 2014

On the Mary K. Burke Show this Sunday, 14 September at 8.00pm will be singer John McNicholl from near Derry in Northern Ireland. 

John will have a chat with Mary on the phone and next weekend John plays Shetland Jamboree Festival at Hamnavoe Hall, Burra on Shetland.

John was born and raised in a small village called Foreglen near Derry in the north of Ireland. He is one of 15 children born to Colm and Mary.

John’s first taste of stage performance began when he was a young boy in his local school. Amateur musicals and plays gave John an opportunity to showcase his early talents for singing and acting and these were noted by many of his tutors. Soon John was being offered more prominent parts in these productions including some lead roles. Later John would join the Foreglen Folk Choirband.

In 2001 John was the proud recipient of the Best Newcomer Award from Country Music UK.

Among other great highlights of John’s singing career to date include sharing a stage with Daniel O’ Donnell and Sir Cliff Richard at the Kincasslagh Festival, County Donegal.  John also played support to the legendary Sir Elton John.

John’s latest album Someone Like You - his fifth studio album to date features duets with Daniel O’Donnell, Margo and Louise Morrissey. The release of this album comes ahead of a nationwide tours in both the UK and Ireland.

Mary K. Burke Show, Sunday 14 September, 8.00-10.00pm and Catch Up anytime.

Album of the Week: ‘Kith & Kin’ by Linsey Aitken & Ken Campbell

Album of the Week: ‘Kith & Kin’ by Linsey Aitken & Ken Campbell

Sep 13, 2014

The Celtic Music Radio Album of the Week commencing Saturday 13 September is the release of the new 14-track CD album ‘Kith & Kin’ by Linsey Aitken and Ken Campbell. Kith and Kin means ‘ones native land’ and ‘friends/neighbours/family’.

Celtic Music Radio’s Ross Macfadyen talks to Ken Campbell about his musical journey and the release of the Kith & Kin album.

Kith & Kin was recorded at Watercolour Music studios in the West Scottish Highlands with Nick Turner and Mary Ann Kennedy and with additional fiddle parts recorded at Mesa Studios in San Francisco USA.  It has been an epic journey for Linsey and Ken and they are absolutely delighted with the result. 

Also on the album are friends Stevie Lawrence on bouzouki and percussion; Frank Lee on melodeon; Andy Shanks on guitar and backing vocals; Nick Turner on backing vocals and fiddler Howard Booster of the San Francisco Scottish Fiddlers, California, USA.

Linsey Aitken and Ken Campbell  weave together many threads from the worlds of traditional, classical  and contemporary music where historically all three genre of music were interlinked in Scotland’s musical identity

Linsey Aitken is a highly regarded cellist, pianist and vocalist encompassing many genres and styles from classical to traditional music.

Inspired by leading German cellist May Libersohn of the Scottish National Orchestra, she studied cello and piano under the personal tuition ofken campbell leading international musicians cellist Anna Shuttleworth; harpsichord maestro Alan Cuckston and virtuoso pianist Gusztav Fenyo.

At Harrogate Arts School in North Yorkshire, Linsey studied Singing, Music and Performing Arts and then went on to complete a degree in cello and piano performance at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow alongside Scotland’s foremost lute player Rob McKillop, and Martin Bennet who became a legend in Scottish music before his untimely death.  Linsey was one of eight UK cellists invited to play at the London Royal School of Music Centenary Concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London.

In spring 2010 Linsey Aitken on cello and vocals joined Ken Campbell’s Ideal Band taking over from Seylan Baxter.  Subsequently Linsey and Ken commenced touring as a duo throughout UK, Europe and USA. In 2014 she created The Loch Lomond Ukulele Orchestra and took over as Musical Director of the Bb’s community choir.

Ken-liveKen Campbell is a Scottish singer-songwriter with a well established pedigree over 30 years with five albums to date, festivals, concerts, television and radio performances throughout Europe and beyond.

Starting with Glasgow band Molendinar in 1980, Ken and Chris Miller performed at Lorient lnterceltic Festival in France.

In 2009, Ken got the ‘‘The ldeal Band’’ on the road again with a wealth of new songs.  The Northumbrian pipes were brought back in, more touring followed and an album was released on Fellside records and Dr John Barrow at Stoneyport Associates took them under his personal wing arranging concerts and tours.

In spring 2010 Linsey Aitken on cello and vocals joined Ken Campbell’s Ideal Band and a new six track CD and videos were released in January 2011.

Subsequently Linsey and Ken commenced touring as a duo with a new album Kith & Kin recorded at Watercolour Music studio in Scotland released in August 2014.

Celtic Music Radio Album of the Week, Saturday 13 September 12 noon and 12 midnight and Monday 15 September 7.00pm and Catch Up anytime.

Festival Fling Saturday 13th September 2 – 4 pm

Festival Fling Saturday 13th September 2 – 4 pm

Sep 13, 2014

Today’s (Saturday 13 September) Festival Fling programme on Celtic Music Radio brings you a concert from the one and only Hans Theessink  in celebration of his  current UK tour.

With over 40 years on the road and over 25 albums to date along with more stunning collaborations you could find anywhere,  hailed as ‘an international blues treasure’  and one of the world’s pre-eminent ‘pickers’ as well as a voice that can melt chocolate, where in a solo, duo or band you are in for a stunning concert where ever he appears.

I bring you a solo concert recorded at St Andrews in The Square back in 2011 where you can hear the versatility of his music and song at its best .

The Blues man himself, Hans Theesink is in the UK on tour and is appearing at that fantastic Shetland  Blues Festival this weekend and  is appearing tonight at the Vidlin on Tuesday 16 September at Milngavie Folk Club in The Fraser Center   and on Wednesday 17 September at the Edinburgh Folk Club .

Hans then goes down south, so please check for dates for a venue near you.


My thanks to Ian Cleland for brilliant sound and assistance in recording this concert.

Please note there is no Catch Up from this programme.

Any queries or enquirers please contact Liz Clark via email at: 


2014 Cowal Highland Games – Colin MacDonald reports

2014 Cowal Highland Games – Colin MacDonald reports

Sep 11, 2014

BACK by popular demand, Skipinnish fielded a six­ strong line-­up for Saturday’s bill ­topping appearance in the Ceilidh Tent at the 2014 Cowal Gathering on Saturday 30 August.

After the Dunoon Queen’s Hall ceilidh success earlier last week, the Highland band ­with a guest piper augmenting co-­founder Andrew Stevenson’s lInchpin role was obviously the toast of a captive audience under canvas.

Lochaber’s Robert Robertson centre stage on guitar and lead vocals, held eyes and ears with a crisp ­enough set (in English and Gaelic) but reflecting, inevitably, the current ‘Western Ocean’ album and latest single ‘Walking On The Waves’.

SkipinnishThe Dunoon crowd loved the intensity of the band’s approach, especially the high ­energy dance tunes, featuring the unassailable frontline impact of a brace of bagpipes, which rocked and reeled with the best of them.

The more anthemic, balladry seemed slightly less well received during an afternoon daylight performance ­­ yet, given an hour ­long set were there simply too many expectations to be met in such a short timespan?

But overheard mutterings among the all ­standing (or dancing!) crowd tutted about the relentless promotion of the outfit’s recordings, with co-­founder accordionist Angus MacPhail from Tiree awkwardly recasting himself as a hawker peddling a one­-day-­only, buy two get one free album deal.

Skipinnish evidently looks after its own musical and business affairs without any visible management structure so maybe the huckstering­­ even when it interrupts the music ­­ is a financial necessity to ensure the band’s survival.

Shame the thought even crossed my mind, perhaps, because these boys (!) do sound as if they’re enjoying themselves, and that always resonates with audiences.

Colin MacDonald
Folkal Point, Thursday 10pm to midnight.

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