Robyn Hitchcock, Mono, 8th June 2015

Robyn Hitchcock, Mono, 8th June 2015

Jun 23, 2015

Robyn Hitchcock, Mono, 8th June 2015

Not difficult to instantly dip into a Robyn Hitchcock gig and feel gratified when his opener is a stunning cover of Dylan’s Not Dark Yet. It oozed with warmly toned vocals, exquisite guitar playing, and a flow that enthralled the audience.

There was no dip in the sheer joy factor in all that followed. The witty introductions to songs, his clear fondness for Scottish venues – The Ferry and The Bungalow in Paisley – and memories of playing them solo or with The Soft Boys in years gone by and, most of all, his laid back but endearing rapport with us.

Hitchcock, in a dramatic blue and white spotted shirt, was intense but utterly cool at the same time: a languid wordsmith and amusing observer on a range of issues, including how tuning his guitar was puzzling with the strings seemingly having minds of their own.

My Wife And My Dead Wife from his 1985 album with The Egyptians, Fegmania was wonderful, but picking highlights from such a real-deal triumph of an evening is no easy task.

Hitchcock is a true lover of excellent songwriting and this was clearly demonstrated throughout the two-hour set. He gracefully, and with great affection, delivered songs by Robin Williamson and Townes Van Zandt, whose classic Pancho and Lefty involved support act, Emma Swift in a tear-jerker version. Emma, it should be noted, returned to the stage for a number of outstanding duets, including a soaring Queen Elvis, title track of Hitchcock’s 1989 release.

A truly glorious evening was enhanced by an audience that had turned up to listen intently yet enthusiastically with no request shout-outs or a surge of mobile phones to record the event. If only all gigs worked out pure and magical like this one.

Mike Ritchie

Photo: Paul Kerr

Robyn Hitchcock and Emma Swift

FOLKAL POINT – 178 – June 18

FOLKAL POINT – 178 – June 18

Folkal Point is also broadcast simultaneously (Thursdays, 10pm – midnight) on 97.4 FM by Dunoon Community Radio then re-transmitted globally online three times a week by Blues and Roots Radio, Canada.

ALL I EVER WANTED- Ernest Troost
WE CAN BURN – Sean Taylor (Albion)
FAR AWAY AGAIN – Dayna Kurtz
I THINK I’LL WALK ANYWAY – Alex Wood (Albion)
I’M A MESS – Rodney Crowell and Mary Karr
CARRY US HOME – Adam Piggott and Jayne Freeman (Albion)
HELLO CAROLINE – Eoin Glackin (Eire)
MIDNIGHT SPECIAL/WINDCHIME – Sharon Shannon and Alan Connor (Eire)
END OF THE DAY – The Resonant Rogues
HEY MISS LONELY – Shawn Phillips
ON MY MIND – The Earls of Leicester
A LOVES B – Annie Gallup
WHERE EAGLES FLY – Steve Logan (Cymru)
AS TIME IS PASSING BY – Lazy Afternoon (Sverige)
MAKE US TO SHINE – Becky Buller
JUST A LITTLE – Shantell Ogden
CRY ON THE FLOWERS – Danny Schmidt
LITTLE MOTH – Becci Wallace (Scotia)
I DON’T CARE ANY MORE – The Earls of Leicester
THE CHILDREN’S SONG – instrumental – Joe Sample
(Nationalities as noted, otherwise artistes are American)

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Planet Waves running order – 16th June 2015

PLANET WAVES running order: 16th June 2015 – worksongs

title – artist – album – label – origin

Calypso Music – Samaroo Jets – Steelbands of Trinidad and Tobago – Delos Records – Trinidad

Estrebillo – Rancho Quemado Trinidad Tesoro – Strictly Parang Vol 3 – RCRP – Trinidad

Long Sentence – Lee Perry & the Upsetters – The Definitive Lee Perry & the Upsetters – One Media iP Ltd – Jamaica

Take Your Time – Dorec-a-belle – Listen – d-a-b trax 001 – Scotland

Temedy – Amara Touré (with Black and White) – 1973-1980 – Analog Africa AACD 0078 – Senegal / Guinea-Conakry

To The Work – Alfred G Karnes – The Bristol Sessions – Country Music Foundation CMF 011 D – Kentucky

Rosie – C.B. – Murderer’s Home – Sequel NEX CD 121 – Mississippi

Ovčar moma mami – 4 singers from the village of Dolni Lozen, east of Sofia – Two girls started to sing…Bulgarian village singing – Rounder CD 1055 – Bulgaria

Pesenta Na Kavala (Kaval’s Song) – Stoyan Velichkov – Bulgarian National Radio Presents Stoyan Velichkov: Kaval Vol 1 – BNR (Bulgarian National radio) – Bulgaria

Yeli – unidentified women – Congo: Pygmy Women of the Sangha – Ocora C560243 – Congo (Brazzaville)

Nzombi (music for the return from a hunt) – 2 unidentified Aka musicians – Musics of the Earth: Astonishing and Rare Instruments – Unesco UNES 8105 – Central Africa Republic

I Ride an Old Paint (edit) – Harry Jackson – The Cowboy: His Songs, Ballads and Brag Talk – Folkways FH 5723 (LP) – Chicago

General Taylor – She Shanties – Spanker Boom – self-released – England

Sea Shanty Setting No 1: One More Day, My John – Penelope Thwaites – Grainger: Works for Solo Piano, Vol. 3 – Chandos Records – England

Fishermen’s Work Song – Himara Vocal Group – Mysterious Albania – Pierre Verany PV 750010 – Albania

Waulking Song (Horo Gheallaidh?) – Mary Morrison and friends – Musique Celtique: Iles Hébrides – Ocora OCR 45 (LP) – Barra

Antankarana Lullaby: Mangina Zaza (Don’t cry my child) – unidentified mother & family – Musique Malgache – Ocora OCR 24 (LP) – Madagascar

Travailler c’est trop dur – César Vincent & Alain Casalis – Travailer C’est Trop Dur: Musique Cajun de Louisiane – Expression Spontanée ES 53 (LP) – France / Louisiana Cajun


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FOLKAL POINT- 177 – June 11

FOLKAL POINT – 177 – June 11

Folkal Point is also broadcast simultaneously (Thursdays, 10pm – midnight) on 97.4 FM by Dunoon Community Radio and re-transmitted globally online three times a week by Blues and Roots Radio, Canada.

DEVIL UP THERE – Paper Moonshiners
MY LOVE – Vincent Cross (Eire/Australia/USA)
TO SING AND DANCE LIKE THAT – Adam Piggott and Jayne Freeman (Albion)
YEARN FOR LOVE – Dark Green Tree (Scotia)
IF I GO TO HEAVEN – Chris Bellamy
LORD FRANKLIN – Spuyten Duyvil
DON’T YOU EVER GET TIRED OF HURTIN’ ME? – Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle
GOD, I’M MISSING YOU – Mary Karr & Rodney Crowell
BLACKBIRD – instrumental – Sharon Shannon & Alan Connor (Eire)
ISN’T IT FUNNY? – Boy Equals Girl
LOVIN’ FOR TODAY – Tinsley Ellis
MY BOY BILLY – Michelle Burke (Eire/Scotia)
TRAIL OF SORROW – Ronnie Reno & The Reno Tradition
MUSIC MY OLD FRIEND – Nicole ‘Songbird’ Coward (Canada)
I NEED A DRINK – Brad Absher & Swamp Royale
TINY MORTALS – Becci Wallace (Scotia)
IN THIS WORLD – Matt Lax & Nearly Beloved
BOY BECOMES THE MAN – Allan Taylor (Albion)
TRAVELLIN’ – Grand Old Grizzly
MAKE UP – The BeauBowBelles (Albion)
BIRMINGHAM HOTEL – Phil Beer (Albion)
TRUE LOVE – Sarah Gayle Meech
THE CHILDREN’S SONG – instrumental – Joe Sample
(Nationalities as noted, otherwise artistes are American)

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Planet Waves running order – 9th June 2015

PLANET WAVES running order: 2nd June 2015 – Les Paul

title – artist – album – label – origin

Twelve Gates To The City – The Weavers – Travelling On with The Weavers – Vanguard VRS 9043 (LP) – USA

Ruth Alice “Ronnie” Gilbert was an American folk singer, songwriter and activist. She was one of the original members of the music quartet the Weavers, as a contralto with Pete Seeger, Lee Hays, and Fred Hellerman.

Born: September 7, 1926, New York City, New York, United States

Died: June 6, 2015, Mill Valley, California, United States

Les Blues D’Ennui – Jo-EL Sonnier – The Legacy – Takau CD 2013 – Louisiana Cajun

Yeli – Mikaya Singers – Congo: Pygmy Women of the Sangha – Ocora C560243 – Congo (Brazzaville)

Ganza knogo ngo – Banda-Linda Horn Ensemble – Central African Republic: Dendi, Nzakara, Gbaya, Banda-Unda, Banda-Dakpa, Ngbaka, Aka Pygmy – Unesco UNES 08020 – Central African Republic

Nagenda Kasana nga bulaba (I will go during daylight) – Wilson Ssempirwa, Edward Musoke & Kyobe – The King’s Musicians: Royalist Music of Buganda – Uganda – Topic TSCD 925 – Uganda

Degg Gui – Cheikh Lô feat Flavia Coelho & Fixi – Balbalou – Chapter Two Records – Senegal / Brazil)

Trenchtown Rock – Bob Marley & the Wailers – Bob Marley & the Wailers Live! – Island Records – Jamaica

Oh Well Parts 1 & 2 – Fleetwood Mac – The Best of Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac – Columbia Records – England

The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise – Les Paul & Mary Ford – The Very Best of Les Paul and Mary Ford – EMI Records – USA

9th June 1915: Les Paul (Lester William Polsfuss) born, inventor of the Gibson Les Paul guitar

Up In The Heaven Shouting – Bruce Greene, Tweedy Gibson, Clifton Graham – The Real Bahamas in Music and Song – Nonesuch Records – Bahamas

Svaranjali – Simon Thacker’s Svara-Kanti – Rakshaza – Slap the Moon Records STMRCD 02 – Scotland

Simon Thacker’s Svara-Kanti: Sat 15th – Sun 23rd August – Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Kelte nalysh – Qalbike Uzaqbergenova – Uzbekistan: Musical Traditions of the Karakalpaks – Unesco UNES 08308 – Uzbekistan

Shell Story – Twelfth Day – Shell Story – Orange Feather Records OFR 004 – Scots

Yesnaby Ground – Peter Maxwell Davies – Maximum Max – Collins Classics – England/Orkney

Echo Blues (sig tune) – Frank Wakefield – That was now… this is then! – Rosewood RA 62096 – Tennessee


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Keith Folk Festival 12th to 14th June 2015

Keith Folk Festival 12th to 14th June 2015

Jun 9, 2015


keith folk festival

TMSA Keith Folk Festival  12 – 14  June 2015 With Competitions, Sing Arounds and of course Competitions.Although correct at time of posting please check with festival before attending as there may be changes or alterations on the day! 



This year’s guests include Blazin’ Fiddles/ Stephen and Pernille Quigg / Bryan Gear and Martin Henderson / Joe Aitken / Geordie Murison / Scott Gardiner / Doris Rougvie and Roy Henderson /Robyn Stapleton / Sheena Wellington / Craig Paton Scottish Dance Band / Graeme Mitchell Scottish Dance Band / Ill’ Tricket  / Amy Papiransky Band / Paul Anderson & Shona Donaldson


Friday 12
Opening Ceilidh Bowling Club – 8pm
Dance British Legion – 8pm
Concert Ceilidh Plough Inn – 8pm

Saturday 13
Competitions from 10am onwards (details on Competitions page)
Informal Sessions in various venues throughout the town centre
Prize Winners’ Concert St Thomas Hall – 6.30pm
Concert Ceilidh  Royal Hotel – 8pm
Concert Ceilidh Bowling Club – 8pm
Concert Ceilidh  Plough Inn – 8pm

 Sunday 14
Bairns’ Ceilidh  Bowling Club – 1pm
Open Air Concert Reidhaven Square – 2pm – FREE (weather dependent)
Chorus Quaich Competition  Plough Inn Lounge – 3.30pm – FREE
Farewell Concert  Royal Hotel – 7.30pm

Some of the guests appearing

Scott Gardner

Scott Gardner

Sheena Wellington

Sheena Wellington

Doris Rougvie

Doris Rougvie






Joe Aitken and Geordie Murison

Joe Aitken and Geordie Murison



Again although correct at time of posting please check with festival before attending as there may be changes or alterations on the day! 

Enjoy the festival! Liz


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