Put Your Money Where Your Ears Are!

Put Your Money Where Your Ears Are!

Nov 21, 2015

Throughout this week our presenters will be asking you to “Put Your Money Where Your Ears Are”!

Celtic Music Radio is a charitable, community station, supporting music and musicians that do not get mainstream airplay.

Our very being is to bring you the best “Celtic” Music from Scotland, Ireland and from our Celtic cousins around the world.

Each and every one of our volunteers is unpaid, meaning all donations to the station goes towards paying the bills to keep your favourite radio station on air!


You can donate in several ways – by PayPal, BT MyDonate, By Text. We’ll even accept on of those cheque thingamaboabs if you still have them!


Many thanks in anticipation!

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Rab Noakes Walkin to Thank Folk It’s Friday

Rab Noakes Walkin to Thank Folk It’s Friday

Oct 21, 2015

Rab Noakes will be gabbing with Ross this Friday from 8pm.

Rab Noakes describes the music on his latest release, I’m Walkin Here, as ‘21st century skiffle’. “I felt it was time for me to make a record in a certain way, with certain ingredients”, he said recently of this recording. “I wanted to try to make an album that only I could make”.

So, this album, Rab’s 19th solo release, represents in many ways, a narrative containing references to his whole working life as a songwriter and performer. It is a Double-CD with CD1 consisting of a clutch of Rab Noakes songs written within a fairly close space of time. CD2 contains songs from a variety of sources from traditional to Elizabeth Cotten to Michael Marra to Beck Hansen to the group Garbage plus some more Noakes compositions.

Working with John Cavanagh as producer an engaging range of musicians and singers were assembled for the sessions. Una McGlone on double bass and Stuart Brown on drums are joined by Ula Kinderyte on violin, Harry Hussey on accordion Richard Merchant on coronet and Emma Roche on flute and piccolo. Rab plays most of the guitar parts himself both as live accompaniment with the vocal on the track and a variety of overdubbed parts.  Singers Hilary Brooks, Barbara Dickson, Roddy Hart, Jill Jackson, Jimmie Macgregor, Alice Marra and Emma Pollock join Rab on vocals on a number of the songs.

This is Noakes, the musician who picked up on skiffle’s immediacy and vibrancy, and also the sophistication that lingered below its home-made façade, singing like he means it (and he always means it) with a band that exudes the warmth and camaraderie of the Basement Tapes.”

Rob Adams, music journalist.

Rab said at the outset of the recordings that he wanted to make an album that nobody else could make. He made that comment with regard to the reference points and to the combination of experience and circumstance that make up its uniqueness.

This is an album full of heartfelt performances of first-rate songs. It is possibly Rab’s best but that’s for you to decide. It certainly hangs together as an album and contains some outstanding performances.

Rab will be undertaking a tour in November to launch the CD.
6th          Kinross                        Backstage at The Green

13th      Stirling                         Tolbooth

14th      Campbeltown              Ardshiel     (01586 552133)

19th      Glasgow                      Cottier’s

20th      Strathblane                 Village Hall

27th      Arbroath                      Hospitalfield


Dougie MacLean on Perthshire Amber

Dougie MacLean on Perthshire Amber

Oct 6, 2015

Dougie MacLean OBE talks to Ross Macfadyen about this year’s Perthshire Amber Festival, which takes place from Friday 30th October and Sunday 8th November this year.

Tune in from 8pm on Friday 9th October.

The Perthshire Amber Festival, now in it’s 11th year, is likely to exceed all expectations once again! Scotland on Sunday’s Tom Maxwell commented “Dougie MacLean has created a wee gem of a festival in his home county… a drop of Amber nectar!” This (no longer ‘wee’) 10 day event had approx 10,000 people from 25 countries attending last year and contributed well over £1million to the local economy.

Dougie MacLean has developed a unique festival which shares his inspiring music, celebrates the history and culture of his Perthshire home and showcases its beautiful scenery. The concerts, which welcome high calibre musical guests from Scotland and abroad, are staged in a variety of wonderful venues, from village halls, town halls and a grand concert hall to historic castles and the atmospheric Dunkeld Cathedral.

As well as music from Bella Hardy, Emily Smith, Ross Ainslie Band, Caper, Rura, Dallahan, Karine Polwart, The Wrigley Sisters, Blazin Fiddles, Elliot Morris, The Mae Trio and Dougie himself; the festival has grown into a veritable family affair with dozens of activities to take in the beauty of Autumnal Highland Perthshire.

From The Song Bus, The Wee Bus trips to Photographic and Archaelogical walks to the Amber Autumn Picnic in Dunkeld’s Stanley Hill Park there is literally something for everyone.

royal-dunkeld-hotel-dunkeld_The festival also takes over the Royal Dunkeld Hotel for the 10 days, creating a base of operations and the Wee Festival Hall.

Celtic Music Radio will be at the Wee Festival Hall to broadcast LIVE the Open Mic concerts on Saturday 31st October, Sunday 1st November and Saturday 7th November. You can also hear the Cabaret Amber Concerts Monday 2nd – Thursday 5th November from 5-7 pm LIVE on Celtic Music Radio

Don’t miss our gab with Dougie on Friday from 8pm.

Click here for more details of the Perthshire Amber Festival.

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Featured image of Dougie MacLean by Rob McDougall

Thank Folk it’s Friday live guests tonight 8pm

Thank Folk it’s Friday live guests tonight 8pm

Mar 6, 2015

On tonight’s Thank Folk it’s Friday with Ross Macfadyen, special guests are John Boyle (pictured) of ASC – Airdrie Songwriters Club – who will be in promoting his new CD being sold in aid of MS.John Boyle ASC

During the second hour of the programme will be Gillian Grassie (pictured below), a harpist will be playing and chatting to Ross about her music.

Gillian Grassie





Thank Folk it’s Friday with Ross Macfadyen, Friday 6 March 2015, 8.00-10.00pm and Catch Up anytime.

Celtic Music Radio’s big move

Celtic Music Radio’s big move

Mar 1, 2015

New studio, new partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University

After almost nine years based at the Livingstone Tower, Celtic Music Radio has moved its studio base about a mile away to Buchanan House in partnership with Glasgow Caledonian University.

Celtic Music Radio has been working with Glasgow Caledonian University for four years, principally with students on the Audio Engineering course and with Senior Lecturer Mr Patrick Quinn within the School of Engineering and Built Environment.

Involvement has been during Celtic Connections broadcasts and at other events where audio engineering students provide support and obtain ‘real life’ work experience of live broadcast events plus in the radio broadcast studio for live music sessions and interviews.

This relationship has developed with the invitation of accommodation at Buchanan House in Glasgow city centre where Glasgow Caledonian University occupies five floors at Buchanan House which is adjacent to the university’s Campus.

This move will enhance volunteering opportunities and develop the Celtic Music Radio programme service and community involvement. Over time, there will also be the opportunity for other Glasgow Caledonian University departments to benefit from working with Celtic Music Radio.

Our new studio postal address is:

Celtic Music Radio 95FM
5th Floor West Wing
Buchanan House
58 Port Dundas Road
G4 0HF

We look forward to hearing from you.

Album of the Week: ‘Little Hinges’ Qristina & Quinn Bachand

Album of the Week: ‘Little Hinges’ Qristina & Quinn Bachand

Feb 6, 2015

The Album of the Week programme on Saturdays at 12 noon and 12 midnight has selected tracks from next week’s Album of the Week and an interview with the musician or singer-songwriter or band member.

There has been no Album of the Week due to Celtic Connections coverage after the festive holiday season, so this is the first Album of the Week for 2015 and is the Album of the Week from Saturday 7 February 2015.

It is the new CD from award-winning brother-sister folk-roots duo from Canada’s west coast, Qristina & Quinn Bachand with ‘Little Hinges’.

Qristina Quinn BachandThe album was released at Celtic Connections 2015 in Glasgow last month. Ross Macfadyen spoke to the brother and sister about their music and new album, Little Hinges, which gets its name from the saying “big doors swing on little hinges.” Although writer W. Clement Stone was not referring to the power of art among a captive audience, the fact is undeniable: music moves.

With deep Asturian and Breton roots, Canadian-born Qristina & Quinn Bachand have quickly emerged at the top of the international Celtic music world, winning 2010 Top Traditional Group and 2011 Top Duo at the Irish Music Awards.Qristina Bachand

Since 2009 the duo have also received three Canadian Folk Music Award nominations; a 2012 Western Canadian Music Award nomination for World Recording of the Year and four 2013 Vancouver Island Music Award nominations.

This powerhouse duo has a musical bond that only siblings can share. With a musical connection reminiscent of other Canadian family groups such as Leahy, The Barra MacNeils and The Rankins, audiences everywhere are quickly falling in love with Qristina & Quinn Bachand.

Our goal with this recording was to open the doors of the beautiful but oftentimes rigid-minded traditional music we love to various sounds and inspirations we’ve accumulated over the past three years.

The album is split into two sections, with an interlude entitled “Little Hinges” connecting the two.

Following the first, more traditional half of the album, “Little Hinges” quite literally opens the door to the second section, in which we venture further from our traditional roots.


Further information on the duo’s website here. Pictured during the live Celtic Music Radio session in the Buchanan Suite of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall during Celtic Connections on 17 January 2015.

Album of the Week, Saturday 7 February 2015 at 12 noon and 12 midnight and Catch Up anytime.

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