Lamont City Farm on Sandy’s Sunday Roast

Lamont City Farm on Sandy’s Sunday Roast

Oct 7, 2012

On today’s Sunday Roast with Sandy Pratt is guest Michelle McDougall, a youth worker from Lamont City farm in Erskine, Renfrewshire.

Lamont City Farm farmyard is open 7 days a week from 11.00am to 3.30pm during the winter months from October to March.

At Lamont Farm, you can meet a wide variety of domesticated animals, including sheep, goats, horses, ducks, hens, llamas and rabbits.

Lamont City Farm is a vibrant community project located in the relatively new community of Erskine, near Renfrew.

Tune-in this afternoon and learn more about Lamont City Farm which was founded in 1977 by a group of individuals with a strong desire to establish a local education and community facility.  It was the first City Farm in Scotland and the farm is very popular with families, nurseries and disabled groups as well as local schools.  Around 10,000 people visit Lamont Farm annually.

Sandy’s Sunday Road, Sunday 7 October 3.00-5.00pm and Catch Up anytime.

Alec Dalglish from Skerryvore on the Sunday Roast

Alec Dalglish from Skerryvore on the Sunday Roast

Jun 18, 2012

This coming Sunday Roast programme on 24 June, Sandy’s special guest will be Alec Dalglish from Skerryvore.

Skerryvore are officially launching their latest album ‘World of Chances’ at the 02ABC, Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow on Friday night, 22 June.  The CD has also been this week’s Album of the Week on Celtic Music Radio.  Go to our Catch Up section to listen anytime to Ross Macfadyen chatting to Fraser West and Barry Caulfield from the band on the Album of the Week programme.

With their outstanding musicianship and the mesmirising voice of singer Alec Dalglish, Skerryvore have become an international sensation, performing worldwide in cities such as Chicago, Beijing, Shanghai, Amsterdam, Brussels, Milan, Prague, Dubai, as well as performances at premier festivals such as T in the Park.

Sandy’s Sunday Roast, 24 June, 3.00-5.00pm.

Writer Jeannie Carr on Sandy’s Sunday Roast

Writer Jeannie Carr on Sandy’s Sunday Roast

May 27, 2012

Today, Sunday, Sandy’s guest on the Sunday Roast will be Jeannie Carr, writer of the book Jock Tamson’s Bairns.

There is a lot more to Jeannie than meets the eye and she has her story to tell.

Born in the original Cumbernauld Village before the ‘new town’ was born and build. She attended the Cumbernauld Village School which was a Primary/Junior Secondary school and from there went on to Lenzie Academy.

Jeannie new Scottish novel, Jock Tamson’s Bairns is a very Scottish book, a contemporary comedy-thriller and the story leads us from Glasgow to Edinburgh, (a short sojourn in France) Oban to the Outer Hebrides and back to Edinburgh with the final confrontation on Ben Nevis with a very unusual ending.

Sandy’s Sunday Roast, Sunday 27 May, 3.00-5.00pm.

Harry Barry on Sandy’s Sunday Roast

Harry Barry on Sandy’s Sunday Roast

May 19, 2012

Sandy’s Sunday Roast guest this week will be Harry Barry from the Big Elastic Band.

The Big Elastic Band was founded by Harry Barry in 1995 with Harry playing drums, sings, writes and arranging the songs.

The Big Elastic Band has released three albums and a single. The songs represent a nostalgic look at Scottish popular culture during the 1950s and 60s. Titles like, ‘Along Came Rock and Roll’, ‘Jimmy Shand’s On The Wireless’, ‘All Stood Up’ and ‘Old Hippies’ tell their own story.

The Big Elastic Band line-up is a bit unusual and includes drums, bass, two guitars, two keyboards, alto-saxophone and accordion. The music is a fusion of rock, pop, country and folk.

Sandy’s Sunday Roast, Sunday 20 May 3.00-5.00pm.

Jimmy Blair Accordion Orchestra guests on the Sunday Roast

Jimmy Blair Accordion Orchestra guests on the Sunday Roast

Apr 22, 2012

On today’s Sunday Roast with Sandy at 3.00pm, the special guests are members from the Jimmy Blair Accordion Orchestra.

This is a fantastic and vibrant Accordion Orchestra that is conducted by world famous accordionist Gary Blair.

The Orchestra has gained many awards and are British Accordion Champions with many of the players being amongst the top in their class.

The Jimmy Blair Accordian Orchestra are In Concert at the newly rebuilt Renfrew Town Hall on Saturday 28 April at 7.30pm with their special guest from the Netherlands, The Torkest Accordion Orchestra.  Tickets are just £6.

Sandy’s Sunday Roast, Sunday 22 April 3.00-5.00pm.

Christine Sparks guests on Sandy’s Sunday Roast today

Christine Sparks guests on Sandy’s Sunday Roast today

Apr 1, 2012

On Sandy’s Sunday Roast today, Sunday 1 April, will be singer and muscian Christine Sparks who will be joining Sandy for a chat and a few songs.
Christine Sparks was born in Renfrew and grew up in the land of Burns poetry and Celtic folk music. The Celtic blood in her veins was surely a source of the magic and mystery that produced the artist. She is a Celtic artist by birth and by nature.
Midem 2012 will go down in music history as the year that the industry finally discovered Christine Sparks.  World Champion Motivational Speaker and renowned Scottish folk singer and guru, Watt Nichol, said this of Christine’s voice:
“Christine has the quality of voice that Burns’ words deserve. Both are masters of exposing raw, natural emotion, creating timeless masterpieces. I have shared her voice with a number of people who are aware of perfection in the human voice and all agree that Christine is as good as it gets.”
Christine is constantly creating and writing.
Sandy’s Sunday Roast, Sunday 1 April, 3.00-5.00pm.

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