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Danny Kyle Open Stage Day 12 Thurs 3rd Feb at Celtic Connections 5- 7pm

Danny Kyle Open Stage Day 13 Thursday 3 Feb 2017
Danny Kyle Open Stage is broadcast live by Celtic Music Radio 5-7 pm and on Archive
While correct at time of printing please check with artists site and Celtic Connections website for any alterations or amendments




Cara Davaar  – Buenos Aires – Argentina    – Listen Again
Clara Davaar unifies an eclectic and worldwide energy through her music, as an Opera Singer that has lived, studied and worked in Africa, India & Brazil. She plays the Kora (African Harp), piano, traverse flute and percussion. Through her music you can receive ‘a great inspiration and healing’.
You can listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Io9lBg7X28 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieXDIh6jX8A



Eilidh Firth Trio – Glasgow – Listen Again 
Eilidh Firth / Alistair Paterson / Rachel Wilson
Eilidh Firth is a Glasgow-based fiddle player specialising in Scottish traditional music. Eilidh grew up in Dundee and began playing the violin at the age of six. In 2013, she graduated from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with a Bachelors of Arts in Scottish Music.Eilidh has been a member of the five-piece Scottish folk band ‘Barluath’ since 2011 and has performed at festivals and concerts in Germany, France, Denmark and the USA. She features on two Barluath albums, ‘Source’ (2012) and ‘At Dawn of Day’ (2015). 2016 will see the release of Eilidh s first solo EP ‘Searchlight’ that features Alistair Iain Paterson on piano and Alice Allen on cello. This four track EP showcases some of Eilidh’s own compositions and tunes from the Scottish and American traditions.


The Stumblers – Kilmarhock – Listen Again 
Niall O’Flaherty/ Stevie Smuith/ Taylor Buntain/ Glen Robertson / Ruaraidh Quinn
The Stumblers are a modern Scottish Folk Bandk, combining the revered ancestry of Celtic melodies with the lyrical substance of protest-era folk, sprinkled it with the classic instrumentation of gluegrass, and deliver it all with the passion and fire of punk rock.   Nothing can be written to accurately convey the reality of the band in full flow. Their debut album ‘Remarkably Simple For Complex Individuals’ is out now!




Footern’ Aboot – Buckie   – Listen Again 
Calum Jones /Lewis Wiles/ Macaulay Ross/ Rowan Duncan
‘We are Footerin’ Aboot. An up and coming young band of lively lads from Moray.
We perform a jumping upbeat set of traditional tunes, original songs and compositions and the odd popular cover given a celtic twist.  2016 has seen us perform at events such as Speyfest, Belladrum and the Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festivals as well as weddings, functions and fundraisers from Grantown to the Black Isle. With Macaulay joining the band earlier this year our performance has moved to the next level and we hope 2017 will see us go onward and upward, perform at more festivals and events, release our debut single  and take our music further afield’.



While correct at time of printing please check with artists site and Celtic Connections website for any alterations or amendments

We wish you all a fantastic festival and look forward to catching up with you along the way
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 Any queries  or enquiries regarding the Danny Kyle Open Stage please  contact Liz Clark direct on dkos.info@yahoo.com