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Danny Kyle Open Stage Day 14 Friday 3rd Feb at Celtic Connections 5- 7pm

Danny Kyle Open Stage Day 14 Friday 3 Feb 2017
Danny Kyle Open Stage is broadcast live by Celtic Music Radio 5-7 pm and on Archive
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South Side Fiddlers – Glasgow – www.facebook.com/TheSouthsideFiddlers
Cara Conway /Robbie Fisher /Molly Adams / Mairi Docherty / Katie Maguire / Robyn Haig / Niamh Doohan / Breanna Wilson /Sarah Donaldson / Mhairi MacKenzie / Eve Boyle / Izzy Gillespie / Mairhead Campbell / Anna Gardiner / Catriona Duff
The Southside Fiddlers are an enthusiastic and exciting group of young musicians from Glasgow. They are taught by Louise Hunter who has been running her fiddle school for fifteen years. The group have played at many festivals both at home and away. They delight audiences wherever they go with their mix of Irish and Scottish traditional music and their love of performing.       Listen Again 


Foinse – Airdrie – Listen Again 
David Browne / Benedict Morris / Mairi Therese Deighan/ Callum Convoy
Immersed in the Glasgow Irish scene from a young age, Foinse are a group at one with the tradition. Having learned their art through Comhaltas, they have each honed their skills and talents into producing a real taste of Ireland in their music.  All four members are award winning musicians in their own right, having multiple All Ireland medals in their respective instruments: fiddle, flute, piano and bodhran.  While the melodies of their sets are overflowing with tradition, it is the accompaniment that drives their music, giving the audience a truly authentic experience of Traditional Irish Music.


Gem Andrews – Berlin  – Listen Again
Singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gem Andrews was born in Liverpool in.  Gem Andrews writes Americana and folk music with an honesty and rawness that takes the listener by surprise and cuts to the quick. Her new album ‘Vancouver’ is a dark and melodious meditation on the forces pushing us from home and pulling us back. Gem and her heartrending tones take us with her on many journeys; across countries, continents and oceans, seamlessly blending the shifting landscapes with the movements of her own heart. Her work is firmly rooted in her beloved Alt. Country and Americana traditions, with influences from Kitty Wells to K.D Lang.



Awry – Perth  –  Listen Again
Morgan Brown /Markish McNeilly / Alex Urquhart – Taylor / Tim Lane
Birthed from the verdant belly of The Forest arts collective in Edinburgh, the infant awry quickly became known for a very specific and laudacious behavior known as the ‘PSYCHEGAELIC ceilidh…
Awry quickly grew into a strange but precocious child that delights in making mirthy musicals broths twisted together from the woody sound of acoustic instruments, potent electrics and the Gaelic language spoken here north of Hadey ‘s wall …
Awry have a reputation for being able to make people whirl like a dervish and dance like loons but also dream, drift and doodle…




While correct at time of printing please check with artists site and Celtic Connections website for any alterations or amendments

We wish you all a fantastic festival and look forward to catching up with you along the way
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