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Droughy Neebors – ‘Battle Tunes and Ballads’ – Album of The Week on Celtic Music Radio 8th June 2018

Droughy Neebors – ‘Battle Tunes and Ballads’ – Album of The Week on Celtic Music Radio 8 th June 2018

Band members:-
Alan Lumsden, Guitar, Vocals, and Bodhran.
Chippy McFarlane, Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bodhran and Vocals
Steve Shields, Flute, Whistles, Bodhran, and Vocals.
Dougie Matheison, Bass, and Keyboards

Drouthy Neebors formed originally as a folk duo in 2011 in Steve’s kitchen where usually more beer was consumed than music was played, Hence the name Drouthy Neebors which was taken from the Robert Burns story Tam O’Shanter, meaning thirsty friends, which was very apt for the duo.

Steve having a background in both classical and folk music, played in a band Called Ptarmigan in the 1980s, and Alans musical roots were forged during the punk era also played in a punk band named Area12. Their shared musical influences were Pink Floyd, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, Marillion and the Corries, and were in the early days of the band described as “The Corries meet The Clash” on a live performance on Radio Saltire’s Lowland Folk by Madelaine Cave.

In 2013 Steve and Alan decided to take the music out of the kitchen and into the live music scene during the Edinburgh’s Fringe Festival where they played in front of a 500 strong audience in the “Tron Kirk” at that point Steve and Alan were hooked on the live music scene, and continue to play in many of Edinburgh’s music venues and beyond.

In 2014 the third band member joined after a chance meeting whilst playing in front of the Scottish Parliament the evening before the Scottish Referendum Vote. His name is Chippy McFarlane, and shared many of the musical influences as Steve and Alan. Chippy had a background in the Folk scene in Edinburgh and played in the traditional group The Tumshies.

Since then the trio have been playing most of the Edinburgh music Venues, and beyond such as Stramash, Whistle Binkies, The Royal Oak, and The Captains Bar.

Drouthy Neebors are keen performers in both the Strathyre Festival, and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and 2018 will be the fourth year of performing at both.

In Dec 2017 Drouthy Neebors joined forces with Dougie Matheison and Mags Nisbet-MacFarlane from the band “Time to Shine” Dougie plays bass regularly with the band, to produce their first album entitled “Battle Tunes and Ballads” This was completed in April 2018. The album was recorded in Edinburgh’s premier studio “The Leith Recording Company”. The sleeve design was created by Mags Nisbet-MacFarlane. The completed album far surpassed the bands expectation with the advice and help of studio owner and sound engineer Alan Moffat, assisted by Davie Blades.

The “Drouth” as they are affectionately called in the Edinburgh music scene, and beyond, play Scottish and Irish folk with blood curdling aggression and attitude, or soulful melodic expression, and everything in between. Humour and audience participation are key to their performances. Following the release of their debut album Drouthy Neebors are looking forward to expanding their musical footprint.

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  1. Drouthy Neebors would like to thank, Alex Jenkins, and the team at Celtic Music Radio for a great time!!

    Check us out on??

    https://www.facebook.com/drouthyneebors1/ like us on Facebook and keep up with where we are!

    http://drouthyneebors.bandcamp.com/ Have a wee listen to our music. and share away.

    Cheers from Steve, Chippy, Alan, Dougie, & Mags XX

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