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‘Ellipsis’ – Fourth Moon – CMR’s Album of The Week 31st March 2018

‘Ellipsis’ – Fourth Moon – CMR’s Album of The Week 31 March 2018 (Released on 30th March)



Fourth Moon – Having met four years ago and formed the band 2016, consist of renowned young artists – Moshen Amini (Talisk & Imar) Concertina/ David Lombardi (Holiday On iO) fiddle/ Geze Afank (Event Horizon ) Fltue- Pipes & Whistles/ Jean Damei (Event Horizon)  Guitar.
Hailing from Glasgow / South of France / Vienna/ – initially meeting up at Limerick!  sharing a common ground,  while bringing together their diverse music history, bring an explosive and stunning, and refreshing sound. With host of individual awards under their belts including the 2016 BBC Radio Scotland Young Musician of the Year, 2015 BBC Radio 2 Young Folk Award Winner, 2015 MG ALBA Up and Coming Artist of the Year nomination, Musician of the Year nomination for both the MG Alba Trad Awards and then BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards, Piping championship titles in Germany/Austria and upwards of 5 All Britain titles, Fourth Moon are coming with a bang with this their first CD.


Ellipse tracs

  1. Glasgow Roaster
  2. Base Jumper Mike
  3. For Yann
  4. Compass Rose
  5. Cherry Blossom
  6. Olympus
  7. Celestial
  8. Prater Park
  9. Last Leg


Some up and coming tour dates so far in 2018

15th July 2018 – Folk Music Festival Turin – ITALY (9pm)
18th July 2018 – Notti in Musica Quattordio – ITALY (9pm – Comune)
20th July 2018 – Concerto Folk Casaleggio Boiro – ITALY (9pm – Comune)
21st July 2018 – Festa di San Giacomo Valenza – ITALY (6.30pm – Piazza G.Verdi)
22nd July 2018 – Serata Folk Alessandria – ITALY (9pm – Museo della Gambarina)
11th November 2018 – Folknacht 2018 Ettlingen – GERMANY (8pm)


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