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Festival Fling with Auntie Liz -14th April 2-4pm brings you Pauline Alexander & Sandy Stanage/ Oakum Row and Paul Anderson

Festival Fling with Auntie Liz on  14 April 2-4pm brings you Pauline Alexander & Sandy Stanage/ Oakum Row and Paul Anderson
Well we are getting into the swing of the Folk Festival Season and from the stowalt of the last 40 years – the Glenfarg Folk Club and Folk Feast sets off this years concerts.

From the fantastic Glenfarg Folk Feast last weekend I bring you Pauline Alexander and Sandy Stanage’s  concert – a stunning performance  with of course, the Glenfarg audience joining in the chorus!

Looking forward to Girvan Folk Festival 4- 6 May with guests :- The Tannahill Weavers; Adam McNaughtan;Len Graham & Jack Lynch; Rita Gallagher; Lori Watson Trio; George Duff, Kevin MacLeod, John Martin, Leo McCann; Nick Dow; Eddie Seaman & Luc McNally; Maggie MacInnes Trio; Margaret Bennett; Susan McClure; Aileen Carr; Haggerdash; Fàilte; The Barrstools; Suitcase Circus; Irma Helou; The Tattiehowkers Ceilidh Band.
As well as workshops / storytelling /Competitions / Open Stage and hosted group sessions in the pubs around town!


Last Years Girvan Folk Festival Oakum Row :- Adam McCulloch – vocals and guitar, Beccy Brown – fiddle, Gav Clark – Cittern and BVs, Sean Thomson – whistle and tenor banjo.

Since established Oakum Row have been purveyors of fine folk/trad songs and tunes of a Scottish, Irish and American/Canadian nature or origin!

Often asked what the name means – in Glasgow The row of cottages at the gushet was known locally as Oakum Bay, reputedly because the houses were occupied by families who earned their living by picking oakum. Oakum is the loose fibre derived from unpicking old rope!


Also looking forward to Northern Stremes  20-22 April https://northernstreams.wordpress.com/

I bring you part of Paul Anderson’s concert at Stonehaven FF in 2015

For the past 14 years the Traditional Music and Song Association of Scotland (Edinburgh & Lothians Branch), have been bringing the finest in Nordic and Scottish music, song and dance to enthusiastic audiences in Edinburgh. And we are once again taking place in the Grassmarket Centre, Edinburgh – check out the venue page for details – please join us!  Peter Puma Hedlund / Paul Anderson / Fika / V-Dala Spelsmanslag


My grateful thanks to all the volunteers I have met at these festivals and all festivals throughout the year for their unflinching / dedicated and hard work in making sure the festivals happen! Get the music out there! And bring in millions in revenue to Scotland and beyond – their reward – the music

Thank you to the artists for permission to air their music on Festival Fling

Thank you once again to John Weatherby and Kris Korn of SoundSense for the recording of these concerts on my behalf – otherwise you would hear nothing