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Festival Fling with Liz Clark 8th October 2016

Today I bring you another three fantastic bands from the Folkspot at the Tonder Festival 2016
What is Folk Spot Denmark?
Folk Spot Denmark is a showcase festival focusing on Danish roots, folk music, presenting traditional Danish music and new folk and roots music, both of which are thriving and developing explosively in Denmark today. The featured bands have all been selected by an international jury (between 15 and 20 people from all over the world), with representatives from festivals, venues, agencies, media, etc. Folk Spot Denmark part of the well known Danish Tønder Festival that for more than 40 years has happened during the last weekend of August (read more about the festival at www.tf.dk/en). Find out more about Folk Spot Denmark    – Supported by := Rosa Organisaton  Radio Folk Denmark
My thanks once again to Rasmus Wehner / Soren Lund / Henrik Friis / Andreas Oversen and of course Morten Hoirup for the music and their fantastic hospitality.Also grateful thanks to Maira Theessink & Stig Bang-Mortensen and their fantastic team and all the volunteers who make this magic festival work and work so well and allowing me to be part of the festival once again!


Person to contact: Mathæus Bech    E-mail: mat.bech@gmail.com Website:
Band Members :-

Jonas Kongsted – Fiddle / Kevin Lees – Fiddle / Frederik Pustelnik – Fiddle / Christoffer Dam- Fiddle/ Rasmus Nielsen – Piano & Guitar / Mathaeus Bech – Bass

‘Formed after a heavy night involving cards and red wine, D.u.K are a young, exciting and rocking six-piece folk ensemble from Denmark and the UK, playing the best tunes from both traditions. The sextet, consisting of four fiddles, piano and double bass, is made up of one Englishman and five Danes, hence the genre of their music.
Having played concerts and ceilidhs in both England and Denmark, and winning a contest and record-contract by the prestigious Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, D.u.K are well underway in making a name for themselves on the international folk scene, with both a full-length album out and a recently released EP.
As well as using original compositions and modern arranging techniques, D.u.K definitely don’t forget their strong roots and traditions and quite simply use raw groove and swing to create an eclectic mix of foot stomping music, from slow lyrical airs to driving jigs, reels and polk’

Set list:
1  Title: Snowy Monday / Unknown The Rosewood /Composer: Willy Taylor / trad. / trad. /Arranged by: D.U.K
2  Title: Bromlan / Bøhmerdans / Perrevals / Composer: trad./Arranged by: D.U.K
3  Title:Gillians Waltz Composer: Gordon Gunn / Arranged by: D.U.K
4  Title: Imeland og Grimeland / Ånon Schottis /Composer: trad. / Arranged by: D.U.K
5  Title: Station Road Reel / Repeat The Poletax / Composer: Kevin Lees / Sandy Mathers / Arranged by: D.U.K


Odde & HolmenOdde & Holmen
Bjørn Kåre Odde On Fiddle/ Hardanger Fiddle, viola
Sivert Holemen – Hardanger Fiddle  
Person to contact: E-mail: bjorn.k.odde@gmail.com  Website
Bjørn Kåre Odde and Sivert Holmen have known each other since his teens and started by pressing spele saman då dei both studied at the academy. In the beginning was the interaction based on both casual fiddle or Hardanger fiddle. With the combination of casual fiddle / viola and fiddle in Samspel  anddiscovered ‘dei ein’ sound and an expression they would further develop! Have released a cd and are touring this year!
Set List :-

  1.  Title: Gamle-Guro/ Composer: trad./Arranged by: Odde & Holmen
  2. Title: Vårflaumen /Composer: trad./Arranged by: Odde & Holmen
  3. Title: Daggry og Sumarmorgon Composer: Bjørn Kåre Odde (Daggry) og Eivind Groven (Sumarmorgon)/Arranged by: Odde & Holmen
  4. Title: Aslak og Astrid / Composer: Bjørn Kåre Odde /Arranged by: Odde & Holmen
  5. Title: Hilme /Composer: trad. / Arranged by: Odde & Holmen
  6. Title: Snortheimen / Composer: trad. / Arranged by: Odde & Holmen
  7. Title: Haling-Jorån / Composer: Eivind Groven / Arranged by: Odde & Holmen


Person to contact: Eskil Romme  E-mail: eskilromme@hotmail.com
Website:  : Facebook  

The First Meeting On the other side of the world, in an area known as Himmerland in northern Jutland, lies the tiny Danish village of Halkær. It is about 20 miles from Ålborg, where the Vikings founded a market-place around the year 1000, and today Ålborg is the fourth largest town in Denmark.  Halkær has about 50 inhabitants. A little to the south, among green slopes and winding roads and under the vast skies, Eskil Romme has a farm with views over the beautiful Halkær Lake in the Halkær Valley.

Eskil Romme is an organic farmer who also plays saxophone, composes music, and is extremely active in the cultural life of the area. One brain child of Eskil Romme’s is the exclusive little Halkær Festival. Every June, the local people invite all comers to a fest celebrating “Nordic, Celtic and Organic cultures, independence and the environment.”   -and it is at this very special Halkær Festival that five experienced but very diverse musicians met back in 2010 – Those days, from the start, including Danish guitarist and singer Morten Alfred Hoirup – the rest they say is history! The band tour extensively in Denmark, the Faroes, Sweden, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Scotland, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, South America, Australia and New Zealand.

Current Band Members :-
Eskil Romme – Soprano Saxophone / Ditte Fromseier – Violin, Vocals / Sigurad Hockings – Guitar / Andrzej Krejniuk – Electric Bass Guitar , Vocals / Ahi Solomon – Percussion , Vocals/

Set list:

  1. Title: Lykkelige Rejsedage /Composer & Arranged: Morten Alfred Høirup / Andrzej Krejniuk /
  2. Title: Kæreste min Moder / Composer: Morten Alfred Høirup /Lyrics: trad /Arranged by: same
  3. Title: Sacred Fire / Composer: Andrzej Krejniuk /Arranged by: same
  4. Title: Afsked / Composer: Eskil Romme /Arranged by: same
  5. Title: Elverskud/Og dansen den går /Composer: Trad. / Morten Alfred Høirup & Ditte Fromseier /Lyrics: trad /Arranged by: Morten Alfred Høirup
    6. Title: Stier / Composer: Eskil Romme


My thanks once again to Rasmus Wehner / Soren Lund / Henrik Friis / Andreas Oversen and of course Morten Alfred Hoirup
and team for the recordings and information -more next week
Will be repeated on Tuesday 11th October 10pm till midnigh
Festival Fling with Liz Clark