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Freereelin – Friday 9th June

Freereelin join our house concert series on Friday 9th June.

Freereelin’ are a 3-piece ceilidh band of experienced musicians whose passion is for great music, energy and fun.

They are all multi-instrumentalists, our most common line-up being fiddle (Lesley Thompson), guitar (Davy Lees) and percussion (Stuart McQueen). They provide ceilidh music, performance sets or background music to suit your event, and will tailor our repertoire to provide the perfect combination.

Their edgy folk sound has raw rhythmic energy, perfect as an accompaniment to ceilidh dancing, or captivating to listen to. On top of their ceilidh repertoire, Freereelin play a mix of self-penned performance sets and traditional tunes and songs.

With their experienced caller and frontman, Davy, they will keep you right, and keep you laughing. They will even get up and demonstrate the dances ourselves!

To reserve your seat, please email houseconcerts@celticmusicradio.net

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    • Melissa Ramey on May 22, 2017 at 11:24 pm

    I read somewhere else that these house concerts may become a monthly thing? I sure hope so!
    Looking forward to getting to one someday. This one would be ideal, but any would be grand! 😀

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