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Nomination for MG Alba Scots Trad Music Award – votes closed

Gordon Hotchkiss’ Hotchkiss Hotchpotch has been nominated in the Trad Music in the Media category of this year’s MG Alba Scots Trad Music Awards.  Voting ended on Friday 28 November 2014.  Thanks to everyone that took to the time to vote in all categories and support the traditional music arts.

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The Na Trads 2014 – Scottish Traditional Music Awards 2014 are on Saturday 13 December and will be broadcast ‘live’ on BBC Alba (channel 8) between 9.00-11.00pm. 

bbc alba1Live from host city, Inverness, there will be an all star line up that sees Cruinn, Shooglenifty and Ceòl nam Fèis amongst the acts that play live on the night. Following weeks of anticipation and a public vote, the evening will celebrate those who have influenced the traditional music scene.

The Trads is a platform for some fantastic performances coupled with the high drama and excitement that comes with an awards ceremony.

Hosting the evening will be the prodigiously-talented duo, Mary Ann Kennedy and Tony Kearney, who will be onstage for an evening of drama and fun as they honour the heroes of the traditional music world.

STMA_nominee2014The Scots Trad Music Awards 2014 asked Gordon Hotchkiss of ‘Hotchkiss Hotchpotch’ which is on Celtic Music Radio 95FM across Glasgow and online the following questions:

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Tell us about yourself / band or organization

Celtic Music Radio 95 FM has a mission to be a strong cultural voice for traditional and contemporary Scottish / Celtic music, arts and culture, pioneering new frontiers in communication and broadcasting by including people that do not have access to mainstream media.

The radio station is a licensed community station with around 30 – 40 dedicated volunteers who have an interest in the broad spectrum of Scottish / Celtic music.

At present, and outwith London, Celtic Music Radio has the highest number of listeners for any community radio station in the UK.

As part of the overall programming, Hotchkiss Hotchpotch is presented by Gordon Hotchkiss and concentrates mainly on the traditional aspects of Scottish music and culture.

The emphasis is on featuring a mix of both young emerging talent and established artists.

This can cover the whole spectrum of artists currently recording and performing and older artists and Tradition Bearers who have contributed so much to the preservation of the Scottish musical and cultural tradition.

Why are you involved in Scottish Music?

gordon gramophone 1Scottish traditional music has been the main interest in my life for many years.

Playing the music has brought me into contact with some great musicians and characters and being able to share the rich diversity of the music has brought me immense satisfaction.

This, in the past, has included playing with bands such as the Whistlebinkies and the Auld Howff Band.

I consider, however, that apart from the concert scene the main strength of the music lies in the informal ‘session’ scene .

This, I consider, is where the real preservation of the old and learning new music is to be found in an informal yet educational environment with both old and young musicians sharing our culture.

Career highlights

The privilege of being involved with Celtic Music Radio from almost its beginning and having the opportunity to play the music I love.

Also, apart from having a great time playing all over the country and Europe with the Whistlebinkies and Auld Howff Band winning the All Britain Fleadh Ceol and the TMSA competitions a few times for playing Concertina have been highlights.

My involvement with Radio Clyde in the eighties saw me gaining a National Sony Award and a Television and Radio Industry Club of Scotland commendation.

The privilege of being invited three times to cover the Celtic Colors Festival in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

Presenting a series of live programmes from Ireland covering St. Patrick’s Day and the All Ireland Fleadh.

Apart from that, I have always had a great interest in history in which of course traditional music has played such an important part.gordon 010714

In the past few years Celtic Music Radio has given me the scope to investigate this relationship and produce and broadcast musical programmes with relevant historical commentaries on subjects such as the Spanish Civil War in which there was a considerable Scottish input , the sinking of the Titanic, May Day with of course reference to ‘Red Clydeside’, the Battle of Flodden, the Scottish Wars of Independence.

More recently, a six part series of some 15 hours with around 200 songs concerning the Great War to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War 1. This series, which was not a glorification of war but a commemoration of ‘the lost generation’ involved historical aspects and of course songs concerning the beginning of the War, the World dimension, the Irish question, the Scots involvement, social unrest / opposition / revolution and the soldiers songs.

Plans for the future

To continue to broadcast and play Scottish music to help maintain an appreciation of our national culture.

At present, to continue the historical dimension I am conducting research into the Jacobite Risings for a series next year on the anniversary of the 1715 Rising.

I am also looking at presenting a series on Irish songs of rebellion in 2016 marking the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising of 1916. This will look at the ‘Irish question’ from both sides in history as of course there is a great crossover between Ireland and Scotland in music and historical involvement.

Also in the future, Celtic Music Radio is investigating the possibility of presenting live broadcasts from festivals in Europe, the USA and the Celtic Colors Festival in Cape Breton which of course has a rich Scottish heritage.

Vote for Gordon Hotchkiss here.

STMA_nominee2014The most prestigious awards ceremony in the traditional music calendar, the MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards, are returning for their 12th consecutive year and bringing the party to Inverness on Saturday 13 December 2014.

Event founder and promoter Simon Thoumire says: “We are thrilled to bring the Scots Trad Awards to Inverness to celebrate our 12th year.  As a city, Inverness has a great music scene and having just recently hosted The Royal National Mod, we know there is a wealth of support for trad music in the area.  This year’s nominees are of such a high calibre and really showcase the burgeoning talent we have in the Scotland’s traditional music scene. 

We’d like to thank MG ALBA for their continued support of the awards and to Inverness for welcoming us with open arms.  We are excited to make this year our biggest and best year yet, so make sure you get your ticket and join in the celebrations on Saturday 13 December.”TradAwards banner

Buy a ticket for the MG ALBA Scots Trad Music Awards on Saturday 13th December 2014 at Inverness Leisure, Bught Lane, Inverness IV3 5SS with a start time of 7.00pm. You’ll have a great time!

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