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Haggerdash are guests on Transatlantic Conversations with Bob Leslie, Sunday 28th October, 2-4 pm

Bob’s show on the 28th is a really special one for three reasons: it’s the 12-month anniversary of the programme (a whole year has gone by!), it’s Bob’s birthday (huzza!), and he has those very special guests HAGGERDASH  in the studio to talk about their new CD.

Haggerdash have been a prominent feature of Scottish Folk Music for nearly thirty years, performing at many Festivals and Folk Clubs both at home and abroad. With their current lineup of Alan Jones, Jack Bethel and Billy Stewart, there will certainly be many more years of great music – and fun (they’re a cheery bunch!) – to come.

The band perform with a wide range of instruments including Hammered Dulcimer, Concertina, Bouzouki, Guitar, Fiddle,Whistles, Harmonicas, 5string Banjo and Bodhran. Alan and Billy provide vocals on songs which include many of their own compositions.

Over many years Alan, Jack and Billy have been involved in  Scottish Folk Music as part of other groups as well as solo performances. Those lineups include Setanta, Three’s A Crowd, Cairdie’s Brig and Hot Toddy.

The name of their new CD is THE ELGIN WATCH.  It contains songs and tunes written by Billy Stewart and Alan Jones plus a sprinkling of traditional songs.  The title track is based on the true story of Jack Bethel’s Grandfather and his brothers and Jack still has The Elgin Watch.

Many of the songs are in fact based on true stories which makes this CD an  interesting and enjoyable listening experience.

There’ll Never Be Peace Till Jamie Comes Hame is a song Billy really liked the words of, but he wrote a new tune for it and Haggerdash arranged it. It is one of their favourite tracks.

Alan’s song THE VITAL SPARK is as the title suggests a song about the much loved Para Handy

Also included is THE MAN THAT I AM which is the song  Alan won the Girvan Folk Festival songwriting competition in 2017 with

HAGGERDASH are Billy Stewart, Alan Jones and Jack Bethel

www.haggerdash.co.uk                    www.facebook.com/haggerdash




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    • Melissa R. on October 24, 2018 at 1:56 am

    Looking forward to this. I’ll try to not miss it! 😀

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