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Hotchpotch with Gordon Hotchkiss -‘Songs and Historical Appraisal’ The 1916 Dublin Rising Catch Up


Hotchpotch with Gordon Hotchkiss  – ‘Songs and Historical Appraisal’  – The 1916 Dublin Rising – 7 pm  – Wednesday 7 th  and 14 th December – If you missed the show and his conversation with Steven Coyle and Keith Stoddart ! Click on Link Below for Catch Up!
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This year of course marks the 100 th anniversary of the 1916 Dublin Rising in which a relatively small band of Republicans tried to end British rule in Ireland and form a new independent state.  This was against the background of the First World War in which up to a quarter of a million Irishmen were fighting in the British Army.  The rising was over within a week and the leaders executed. It marked however a seminal change in Irish politics.  The Rising and the events surrounding it of course have been commemorated ever since in song which are now part of the Irish tradition.  As the year draws to a close Gordon Hotchkiss will feature a two-part feature on these songs and historical appraisal of the significance of the Rising.  In this he will be joined by Steven Coyle and Keith Stoddart who are both involved  in The 1916 Rising Centenary Committee ( Scotland ) and have been active throughout the year in numerous commemorative events.  The look at the Rising will take part over two weeks. The first on Wednesday 7 th will look at the events leading up to the Rising and the second on Wednesday 14 th the Rising itself.

Hotchpotch with Gordon Hotchkiss 

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