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Jesus Taco, Bobby Vacant + Tobias Thomhave live!

Tom Hamilton will present a special Thursday edition of Homeward Bound on 24 April when he has no less than three guests in town for a gig coming into studio 1 for a chat and session.

The Jesus Taco play ‘folkadelica alt-country’; Bobby Vacant and The Worn plays folkrock/Americana and lastly, singer-songwriter Tobias Thomhave.

They are all in Glasgow to play McChuills, 40 High Street, Glasgow, just up from Glasgow Cross on Thursday 24 April from 9.00pm.

The Jesus Taco were legends even before they formed!  Brett Davidson (USA) on vocals, acoustic guitars and octave mandolin; Tyko Runesson (Sweden) on vocals, mandolins, acoustic guitars, blues harp and ukulele and Sascha Greuter (Switzerland) on electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, and other-worldly sound effects.

The Jesus Taco have released their debut album Folkuhila on Weak Records.

The singer-songwriter Bobby Vacant (pictured) with bassist/vocalist The Worn (Brigitte Meier) sing songs about roads and strangers, often with sad twists and turns along the way.

Of Tobias Thomhave, Celtic Music Radio’s Tom Hamilton says he is a “A poetic masterpiece!”

Homeward Bound with Tom Hamilton, Thursday 24 April 4.00-6.00pm.

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    • Tom Derungs on May 1, 2014 at 5:59 am

    Dear Tom Hamilton, Music from The Loft and Celtic Music Radio,

    Thank you so much for having us play live on your Homeward Bound Show last week, Thursday April 24th. For our bands Bobby Vacant & The Worn, The Jesus Taco and Tobias Thomhave, this was one of the most meaningful and beautiful experiences of our lives. Our entire trip and tour through Scotland, the wonderful and friendly people we met along the way, the beautiful cityscapes. The kindness and ongoing support of undiscovered artists from your volunteer radio station amidst an often jaded world of commercialism. We were on top of the world there singing and playing and looking out across the soft afternoon stretches of Glasgow. That will remain with us forever and we thank you from the bottom of our weak hearts. Yours in the Journey, Bobby Vacant, The Jesus Taco, and Tobias Thomhave

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