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Jimmie Macgregor and Annie Grace

An Evening with Saint Andrews In The Square     Friday 29th January 2016


The joy of seeing seasoned a legend cannot be overstated. Jimmie appeared on stage and immediately set the atmosphere of informality making the audience feel as if they were in his kitchen instead of the grandeur of a converted church. He announced that in June 1956 he went from Springburn to London with sixty pounds in his pocket. He is now a few months off sixty years performing!

Annie Grace hasn’t been in the business anywhere near as long. She first came to promianence as a member of Scots folk band The Iron Horse and later as an artist in her own right as well as a critically recognised actress. A multi-instrumentalist and great singer, she and Jimmie formed a close friendship several years ago. This is the second year they have appeared together at Celtic Connections.

Joining them on stage was another multi instrumentalist, Ally MacRea on mandolin, fiddle and harmonium.

Those on stage were obviously enjoying themselves as much as the sell out audience. Jimmie sung songs about the bankers, the ‘borrowing’of the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey, a Glasgow love song, ‘Because I Like You’, and even paid homage to Skiffle with ‘Turtle Dove’. Listening to many of these songs was a trip down memory lane. At one point Jimmie read his new monologue about Noah during which the audience laughter was in abundance, aided by his difficulty reading it due to the fact that he had forgotten his glasses.

A surprise guest appeared in the second half in the shape of Aberdeen singer, actress and entertainer, Joyce Falconer. Her somewhat physical rendition of ‘The Dundee Weaver’ was something to behold.

I cannot emphasise more just how informal and relaxed the whole evening was. Ullalian pipe instrumental work by Annie, Jimmies’s voice, Ally’s instrumental work, Joyce’s singing, and all so laid back and easy going. Not to forget the patter!

The evening finished with a beaut that Jimmie used to sing with the late Robin Hall, ‘We’re Not Going To Sing The Wild Rover No More’ and ‘Ye Canny Shove Yer Granny Aff A Bus’ as an encore.

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