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Liz Clark Inducted into the Trad Hall of Fame!

We are so proud of our ain Auntie Liz Clark.

For today she was inducted into the Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame!

From that website:


Though she was born in Rutherglen, it was growing up around the traditions of the North-East of Scotland is what gave rise to Liz Clark’s passion for traditional music. As a young girl she’d go down to the Kippering sheds and hear the woman singing in Doric. She loved it, and the women singing enjoyed teaching the songs to her- as a child she was completely oblivious to all of the double entendre!Later as a teenager, she met the Stewarts of Blair, and received another education in their stories and songs, around the campfires at the berry fields in Blairgowrie. When she was around fifteen the first Blairgowrie festival took place, and she again was hooked. Not just on the tradition- that had already been decided, but also on festivals and live music.

The board of Celtic Music Radio at the Na Trads

Liz told us; ” ‘l’ve had a fantastic music journey on the first 50 years, I canny wait fir the next 50 !”

Chair of Celtic Music Radio. Alex Jenkins said, “Auntie Liz has been an integral part of Celtic Music Radio from it’s inception. Our aim to support new, upcoming and unsigned music really came from her passion via the Danny Kyle Open Stage. All the team is chuffed that Liz is getting this long deserved recognition for her input into today’s Traditional Music scene.”

As Liz would say herself: “well done ma treasure”!