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‘One of Those Days’ – Davy Lees – CMR’s  Album of The Week 17th Feb 2018

Davy Lees will launch his album on Friday 16 Feb on ‘Thank Folk It’s Friday ‘ with our Ross Macfadyen 8-10pm

One of Those Days is a showcase of Davys’s musical talent. The title track is a humourous look at life when Murphy’s Law comes into play, while Hector the Hero, Black is The Colour and Los Companeros are tracs to enjoy whilst relaxing after a hard day.  Hight energy tracks such as Was It You, Close it Down and The Ballac of St Annes Reel will have you dancing around the room

Davy has extensive experience in the music industry. He hails from the Lanarkshire steel town of Motherwell where, during the late ‘70s, he was a member of the well-respected Auld Howff Band in which he provided vocals, as well as playing both the guitar and flute. He is indeed a former Scottish Amateur Flute Champion and started his musical career when he was just ten years old. He has toured Europe extensively and has played at Orkney and Shetland Festival, Le Triskel Festival in Breste, Roe Valley Festival in Ireland as well as at Ballerup Festival in Denmark and as far afield as Malasia.


Album Tracs :-

1          One of Those Days
2          Black is The Colour
3          Weekend Waltz & Eva’s Waltz
4          You Won’t Get Me Down The Mines
5          I Ain’t Got No Home
6          Hector The Hero
7          Was it You
8          Dead Puppies
9          The Ballad of St Anne’s Reel
10        Los Companeros
11        Close it Down
12        Auld Lang Syne


Up coming gigs:

  1. CD Launch “One of those Days” at Celtic Music Radio
  2. Forgan’s, Broughty Ferry – Freereelin’ – open ceilidh


  1. Forgan’s, Broughty Ferry – Freereelin’ – open ceilidh
  2. Forgan’s, St. Andrews – Freereelin’ – open ceilidh

   16. Forgan’s, St. Andrews – Freereelin’ – open ceilidh