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Playlist for Travels With My Auntie Liz Tues 20 Feb 2018

Playlist for Travels With My Auntie Liz Tues 20 Feb 8-10pm Wed 2- 4am & 2-4pm and on
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  1. Adam Sutherland – Emmas Waltz / Mairi Duncan of Errogie New CD -Some Other Land
  2. Adam Sutherland –  Somhairle Dubh – Allan Thorntons Frae Slyes Brae -CD -Some Other Land
    March 16th  Resolis Memorial Hall / 17 Ceilidh Place Ullapool + Summer School in Skye 20-24 Aug
  3. Home Bru – Trowie Song
  4. Archie Fisher – Coshieville – CDThe Man With A Rhyme 19764
  5. Archie Fisher -The Final Trawl- CD People and Songs of The Sea 2009

Appearing at The Star Folk Club tonight

  1. Fara – Billy’s Short Legs – CD Cross The Line
  2. Sheila Stewart- Queen Amang The Heather – CDFrom The Heart of The Tradition 20006
  3. George Macray – Hawkeye The Noo – CD Singing of Quay
  4. Ho Ro– Smelling Fresh
  5. Ho Ro- Purit
  6. Chuck Broadsky – 3rd Dead Cat- CD Last of The Old Time
  7. Baratok – Slow Mo- Zoltán Lantos & Iain Copeland Skye Records
  8. World On a String -Retrograd root canal – Sessions CD
  9. Joan Baez– Diamonds & Rust – CD Diamond And Rust 1975
    New CD ‘Whistle Down The Wind’ out on 2nd March 2018
  10. John Wright -Old Flames – CD Requests
  11. John Tams -Only Remembered – CD War Horse
  12. John Tams & Barry Coope – Over the Hills & Far Away –Live CD

War Horse on Tour from 20th Feb – May – MOST DATES SOLD OUT

  1. Maurice Dickson – Where The Eagles Fly- CD Where The Eagles Fly
  2. Bob Knight – The Ground She Walks Upon – Meet Me on The Moor
  3. Davy Lees – You Won’t Get Me Down In Your Mines – NEW CD and CMR’s Album of the Week!

Any queries or requests please email me on liz.celticmusicradio@yahoo.co.uk 

Safe Journeys ! Auntie Liz