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‘ Pocket of Wind Resistance’ –   Karine Polwart  with Pippa Murphy – CMR’s Album Of The Week  16th Dec 2017

‘ Pocket of Wind Resistance’ –   Karine Polwart  with Pippa Murphy – CMR’s Album Of The Week  16 Dec 2017 Released 17 th November 2017

Taken from  Karine Polwart stunning staged show of ‘Wind Resistance’ – held to rave reviews, at Celtic Connections and Dublin International Festival as well as staged her first Edinburgh festival show, the music  weaving an ambitious story about the majesties and brutalities of nature with projections of a dank, webby world behind her.

Wraith-like, wind-blown xylophone notes are all that accompany Karine Polwart’s clear, Scottish tones through the opening minutes of her new album. The first track, ‘All On A Summer’s Evening’, envelops us in a northern terrain of heather and feathers, queens and petticoats, fragile beauty and airy atmosphere. Layers start to accumulate. The track segues into narration, as Polwart tells a story set in 1919 of a woman called Roberta and her husband Will, and the particulars of a moor called Fala Flow. Then the moor itself joins in, recounting its flora and fauna and the human procreation that takes places on its mosses in ‘The Moor Speaks’. Soon, as the perspectives multiply, ‘Labouring and Resting’ is describing the flight of migrating geese over present-day Fala Flow, Polwart’s home.’

Wind Resistance will be staged at Perth Theatre from 17 to 22 April 2018

Appearing at Celtic Connections
28 Jan – Northern Star – Scotland Sings Canada – GRCH 
1 Feb – Arrest This Moment – Celebrating the Life of Michael Marra in Words and Music – Pavilion Theatre  
3 Feb – Lau- Land: Karine Polwarts “Insight into the Making of Wind Resistance” – CCA  
3 Feb – Lau Land@ Panel Discussion: How Does a Traditional Form Evolve? Progression in Traditional Music CCA


  1. All on a Summer’s Evening
  2. The Moor Speaks
  3. Lark in the Clear Air
  4. Labouring and Resting
  5. Tyrannic Man’s Dominion
  6. Place to Rest and Mend
  7. A Benediction
  8. Small consolation
  9. White Old Woman of The Night
  10. Sphagnum Mass for a Dead Queen
  11. Lullaby for a Lost Mother
  12. Remember the Geese
  13. Molly Sime’s Welcome to Salter’s Road
  14. We Are All Bob Born

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