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‘Rent Strike’ – Gavin Livingstone and Fatima Uygun guest on Celtic Music Radio, Sunday 7 May


Starting this weekend, Gavin Paterson will be presenting his “Whatever” show, Sundays 6pm-8pm.

His first guests will be Gavin Livingstone and Fatima Uygun, who will be talking about their musical play ‘Rent Strike’.

Rent Strike

The musical Rent Strike! tells the inspiring story of the women of Glasgow who became known as the ‘red skirts of the Clyde’. They took on the bailiffs, fought rent increases and stopped evictions and won housing reforms for the whole of Britain.”

Written by Fatima Uygun and Colin Poole – featuring songs and music by Alistiar Hulett, Colin Poole & Gavin Livingstone, Musical Director Gavin Livingstone, Directed by Fatima Uygun.

16 May – 21 May at the well-kent Govanhill Baths, 99 Calder Street, Glasgow.