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Review: Mary Chapin Carpenter, Concert Hall, Friday 24 January 2014

Mary Chapin Carpenter’s appearance at an almost full main auditorium of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Friday 24 January did not disappoint her many fans and indeed, she got a standing ovation.

Mary simply sang all the tracks from her new album “Songs From The Movies” with the 50 or so strong Scottish Symphony Orchestra playing in fine form behind and I have to say, I thought that they drowned her out a bit at times.

The arrangements went from a simple harp accompaniment to a full blown orchestra, cymbal crashes and all. The arrangements were good though, lots of light and shade with I thought, an excess of cor anglais in most songs.

My favourite songs of the night were Mrs Hemmingway and the final stirring “10,000 Miles”. A flawless performance by Ms Carpenter.

The support act was another singer-songwriter from Australia, Geordie Lane, who had a fantastic voice and used it very well. His own personal style of guitar playing was augmented by occasional subtle backing tracts, the bass drum of which blended perfectly with the live playing.

From his first song “I Could Die Looking At You” to his last and I thought most commercial, “Oh My” in which he strapped on a mouth-organ, he had the audience enthralled and consequently, he got a great response. Definitely a name to watch out for.

Moira Kerr

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