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Ronnie Brown from “The Corries” guests with Gavin Paterson
November 26, 2017 Studio guests

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Gavin writes:

I recently interviewed Ronnie Browne – aka “That Guy Fae The Corries”. For the first time *ever*, Ronnie wanted to talk about his life in music; from the first gigs and recordings of The Corrie Folk Trio & Paddie Bell right through to the solo work that he did after the passing of Roy Williamson.

I actually have far more material than I can use on one two-hour show so I’ll post some of it on here and play some on later shows as well.

I ken fine that The Corries were sneered at for years, probably because they were far too successful. It’s time to revisit their work.

The interview will be broadcast on Tuesday 28 November at 1400 GMT on 95 FM in Glasgow and online everywhere. AND it will be available to ‘catch up’ for a full month after. 


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