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‘Scotlands Voices’ – Greentrx – CMR Album of The Week 14th April 2018

‘Scotlands Voices’ – Greentrx – CMR Album of The Week 14 April 2018 (released on 1st April 2018)


‘In August 2017, while Edinburgh was in full Festival fling, a gathering in the Saltire Society room in Fountain Close witnessed the unveiling of the culturally resonant painting reproduced on the cover of this album. Scotland’s Voices by Alexander(Sandy) Moffat MBE   , imagines some of the influential singers, players and tradition-bearers of the Scottish folk revival, assembled round the poet, folk song collector and pivotal figure of that revival, Hamish Henderson, deploying his trusty tape recorder – set in the 1950’s

‘The idea for this album cam about as the result of an article by Jim Gilchrist   in the Scotsman Magazine, based on the unveiling of the painting: ‘Scotlan‘’s Voices’ by Sandy Moffat, when Jim finished his review by saying “…there’s a case for a companion ‘Scotland’s Voices’ compilation recording – a challenge perhaps, for a label such as Greentrax about  ….”Always ready for a challenge of this nature, Ian Green immediately contacted Him and invited him to help select such a compilation and also Sandy Moffat to establish if the painting could be used as the front cove image on such a CD. I am delighted to say both enthusiastically agreed.  Ian Green would especially like to thank Sandy Moffat for the generous use of the painting image and also Jim Gilchrist for his considerable contribution in the research of the album’



Scotland’s Voices – Greentrax- CDTRAX400 Track List   

  1. Jeannie Robertson MBE MacCrimmon’s Lament
  2. Jimmy MacBeath -Come All Ye Tranps and Hawkers
  3. Jean Redpath MBE – Auld Lang Syne
  4. Willie Scott – Jamie Telfer of The Fair Dodheid
  5. Dolina MacLennan -The Mi Duilich (I Am Sorrowful)
  6. Davie Stewart – McGinty’s Meal and Ale  
  7. Aly Bain MBE ( with Ale Moller) – Hector The Hero
  8. Bell Stewart MBE – The Berryfields of Blair  
  9. Allan MacDonald (with Seudan) -Thogail nam Bo (MacFarlane’s Gathering)
  10. Willie Scott -The Kielder Hunt
  11. Jimmy MacBeath – Drumdelgie
  12. Flora MacNeil – A Mhic Iain ‘Ic Sheumais (Son of John, son of James)
  13. Belle Stewart MBE – Queen Among The Heather
  14. Jeannie Robertson – The Battle of Harlaw
  15. Hugh MacDiarmid – The Watergaw (Poem)
  16. Hamish Henderson – The Freedom Come All Ye

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