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Sean Among Wolves guests on Mary K Burke Show

Sean Among Wolves on the Mary K Burke Show, Sunday from 6pm


Sean is the multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, singer behind Sean Among Wolves.


His love of music began when he was around 7 or 8 and he swapped a kid in school for a Guns and Roses album (Appetite for Destruction) but he never began playing until he sang for two friends who were learning to play guitar at the age of 17. He later bought a bass and went along to a local youth center to learn from a local legend Phil ‘Beefy’ Robertson. He started hard and taught him how to play Clash and Jam bass lines and with the two friends they formed a band called Downside. They organized a gig at a local pub and played a set of covers.


Sean became ill with tongue cancer in 2003 and when he recovered he and his friends, Joe Bruce and Dean Ross formed a Rock band called Stranded with Singer Greg Roberston and drummer Mikie Inglis. 


Stranded went on to write and record an album called Revolution Waits and played several high profile gigs. Sean played bass and wrote lyrics for the band. Namely, The Union Street New Year street party in Aberdeen supporting Simple Minds and Deacon Blue. They also played a show in London and supported Spear Of Destiny. The band disbanded due to family and work commitments of the members.


After a break from all music, Sean moved to Glasgow with his wife and first son and began attending Spirit Of Life Church. The church was in need of a worship leader to play on Sunday mornings, and reluctantly Sean dusted down his old acoustic from the loft, and learned a set of worship songs.


He quickly fell back in love with music and within two weeks of picking back up the guitar, during a trip to his day job on the oil rigs of Scandinavia, he wrote 2 songs and a few months later he had 6 songs and those songs are still coming thick and fast to this day.


After many attempts at starting bands to get his music out to a wider audience,  it became apparent that his day job (on the rigs) was a stumbling block and he realized a solo project was his best way forward. He began recording demos and posting them on soundcloud and then became proficient on the Garageband software on his ipad which allowed him to start multitracking and give him the full sound he desired.  He then decided that an act name would allow him to stand out and add to the mystery of a solo artist with a full band sound.  He went with Sean Among Wolves after the bible verse (Lambs among wolves). He uses the ipad to provide a backing track to him playing electric and acoustic guitars and signing live. Ideally Sean would love a band to join him live so he can ditch the ipad and perhaps his name from the title and become Among Wolves. But for now, he IS the band. He has since the recorded a demo Album ‘Words For Caesars’ which is available online for free.


Sean’s musical taste is wide and varied and that reflects in his music. Hugely in to the Britpop scene, and heavily influenced by electro, folk and gospel making for and interesting blend.


Lyrics are his favorite thing to do and he like to write about anything on his mind, whether it be spiritual, political or the natural world around him and the people of life.


Sean has also written a folk opera based on a song he wrote called ‘Why?’, he is writing for his old friends new heavy rock band project called Ghost Town Rebellion and has written and produced two tracks for a local rapper as well as continuing to play in church on Sunday mornings when him from the rigs.

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