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Singer Amber Digby on Stewart Fenwick Country

On this week’s programme, Stewart will be talking to recent Ameripolitan female Honky Tonk singer of the Year Award winner AMBER DIGBY, who is one of the headliners at next month’s Northern Nashville Caithness Country Music Festival.

Amber appeared at the festival in 2010, and will be making a very welcome return over Easter weekend, 3rd-5th April 2015 at Halkirk Indoor Centre, Halkirk, Thurso, Caithness.

“Amber is a great traditional singer,” says Vince Gill, who knows whereof he speaks, and like his following observation—“which is so hard to find these days”—it’s just the simple truth.

Catch Amber and much more music from the festival on BBC Alba’s Ceol Country on Sunday 8 March at 9pm, as BBC ALBA (Channel 8) re-run the 2010 series starting on Sunday 8 March.

Stewart Fenwick Country, Sunday 8 March 12noon to 2.00pm.