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Studio guest – Bob Leslie – Tues 15th Aug – on Ballads & Balladeers with Gavin

Bob Leslie will be coming onto Ballads & Balladeers on Tuesday 15th August to talk about his new solo album “Land And Sea”.


Bob started singing from the cradle – which annoyed the hell out of the neighbours and puzzled his parents. That last part is a wee exaggeration. Bob’s father, Jack, was from Stromness, in Orkney, and had the typical islander’s love of music, playing piano, accordion and fiddle as well as singing. His mother, Mary, was a professional singer in clubs and theatre and had “a voice like a female Paul Robson” according to her son. Bob has been entertaining audiences for over 40 years.

Like most creative musicians, he has continually re-invented himself. His current incarnation is that of a solo performer on the folk and community hall circuit. Initially tending to Americana/Roots Country styles, he is now writing more in accord with the traditional sounds of his musical childhood and singing in Scots for the first time since then!
He finds this “Currrriously liberrrrating!”

Early in his career, he excited interest in his voice and songwriting from Apple Records, Chrysalis Records, and Boscobel (the Kinks’ managers). At one point he recalls, the wee man from Chrysalis asked him to write a follow-up to Total Eclipse of the Heart, He replied “You must be joking!” and thinks this may have locked the doors on teenage idol-hood for him. Anyone still wishing for such a follow-up would now only have to wave money to receive an affirmative reply.

By Gavin Paterson


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