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Studio Guest – Holloway Road – Stewart Fenwick’s ‘Celtic Country’ Sun 26th March 2017

On this Sunday’s Celtic Country,26 March Stewart talks to Essex based Country duo HOLLOWAY ROAD, made up of Brits Jack Cooper and Robert Gulston. 

They were in Glasgow recently for Country On The Clyde at The Ferry.




Music and writing music has been their whole lives. Through a whole mass of genres from indie to dance to electronica, they have explored them all.
When it came down to it, they all shared a passion for the true simplicity of a great song presented in a ‘touchable format’. To get close to a song and those who might enjoy it is why they go to work!
To move, to touch, to educate, to love, to share – this might all sound a bit much, but that “is what we went to school for”.

Their new single If She Falls will be released on 31 March 2017

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