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Studio Guest – Peter MacCalman of PM Music – Tues 29 May – 10 – midnight with The Phat Controller – Iain Copeland

Peter MacCalman of PM Music  is in conversation with Iain Copeland with the stunning array of artists he is promoting during June 2018 in Glasgow – so listen in to  hear some bands you may not have heard before – and need to hear now!  Listen again on Sunday 2nd June 10 – midnight!
Listen again 1st Hour   2nd Hour 


PM Music up and coming gigs

1 June – The Riot Vans  – O2 ABC 2  – Support – Kings of Unity/ Deter and Joe Clark







1 June Beinn Lee – Cottiers – Support For Folk Sake and The B

2 June – The Sinsheimers   ABC1 Glasgow -Support – Forrest Can’t Run








2 June – Gardening for Bumblebees -Oran Mor / Sam Begbie and Joe Doyle.

Support – Quick / Fair Follies and Erin Newton

3 June – James Mackenzie – Cottiers  Support Jupiter Skies / Jasmine & Molly Eliza








8 June –  Layaway -Oran Mor  With Nineteen Canteen / Stone Ivy and Wasted Summers


8 June – Scarlett Randle – OW ABC2  – With The Shows/ Part Time Heroes / The Midweek Shuffle







14 June – Danny Bryant – Oran Mor -With Mainstreet Blues / Kev Howell / Joe Bonamassa


29 June – Sara N Junbug – Oran Mor 







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