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Taylor & Leigh At Glasgow Royal Concert Hall 31/1/16

This wonderful brother and sister duo made a very welcome return to Glasgow on what was possibly their biggest audience to date. Playing to a capacity crowd in this brand new RSNO auditorium they made many new admirers with a stunning performance.

Just a few days before this concert Heather Leigh was in her sick bed suffering from a bad chest and throat infection but you would never have guessed this with the strength of her voice. Having been described before of having a voice of an angel delivered like a whirlwind she sang her way through songs both old and new. Recently the UK has been battered by storms Gertrude and Henry, Heather’s voice is more powerful than those two put together! Heard from a lady in the crowd, ” Hey that lassie can fair hit the notes”. ┬áThe other half of this band is older brother Alex Leigh who plays the guitar quite sublimely as well as joining in with the vocals in some songs.

Considering Taylor & Leigh only got notification of this gig a few days before it they still put together a fantastic set including some of their older material such as Two Steps From The Hangman, House Of Cards, Cut To The Bone to new material like Different Kinds Of Lonesome. Throw in a couple of cover songs like The Cure’s Just Like Heaven and Whisky and You all impeccably performed and you have a truly wondrous gig that will stay with people for many a long night. It is only a matter of time before Taylor & Leigh take to a stage like this one as the headline act. They are more than ready for it.


Danny & Ruth Matheson


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