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The Poozies At St Andrews In The Square 28/1/16

Fresh from a tour in Australia this 4 piece all female band took to the stage of a packed St Andrews in the Square to celebrate 25 years in the business. The crowd expecting tunes from the past 25 years were not disappointed as the Poozies played a mix of old and new material.

Four very accomplished musicians in their own right come together in perfect harmony. With Mairearad Green on accordion, Eilidh Shaw on fiddle, Sally Barker on guitar and Mary McMaster on electric harp and all chipping in with vocals the music produced was quite magical and at times spine chilling. their four part harmonies were quite beautiful and enchanting. Going through some of their sets such as Memoirs Of A Geezer, The Southern Cross, Ship Of Love and Small Things In A Cupboard, interspersed with humourous tales of their travels and experiences made for a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Ironically it was the youngest and most recent member of the band, Mairearad, that announced that the band were celebrating 25 years in the business and again joked that she must have had a lot of work done on her to make her look so young.

Throughout the performance each of the women had broad smiles on their faces. Yes they were enjoying themselves which reflected in their music which is both traditional and contemporary. They constantly encouraged the audience to participate in the songs, giving a feeling of togetherness

Here’s to the next 25 years of The Poozies and if the music is half as good as it was this evening then we’re in for a very enjoyable time.


Danny Matheson


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