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TUESDAY 17th Folk/Blues Playlist

*****The Music Loft*****

1. Carrie Rodriguez and Ben Kylie – Unwed Fathers [john prine/Robert braddock]

from the E.P. We Still Love Our Country.


2. wink burcham – the good ones

from the album Irene Vennie

3. desi roses – in the dead of summer

from her solo EP “In the Dead of Summer”

4. grant Campbell – red river

From his second album ‘Beyond Below’


5. pa’s fiddle band – yellow heifer

from the album The Pa’s Fiddle Project presents….

6 .BeauSoleil

from the album Alligator Purse.

7. josienne Clarke – one light is gone

from the album One Light Is Gone.


8. The woodbine and ivy band feat fay hield – spencer the rover

from the album The Woodbine and Ivy Band

9. francois and the atlas mountains – ready to dive

from the single comes equipped with new track ‘Ready To Dive’.


10 . jonny burke – long steady decline

his debut solo album “Distance And Fortune”

11. corey hart – blue mountain thistle

from the albuym Winter Bones

12. the shrinks – northern exposure

from the album  More Damned Lies



*****Celtic Music Blues Hour*****

1. dave Mackenzie – start the party

from the album Slender Man Blues

2. Alvin youngblood hart – heartbreaker [led zeppelin cover]

from the album Whole Lotta Love – songs of Led Zeppelin

3. hat fitz and cara – eliza blue

from the album Wiley Ways

4. The dustin pittsley band – palm trees and trailer parks

from the album Palm Trees and Trailer Parks

5. royal southern brotherhood – nowhere to hide

from the album Royal Southern Brotherhood

6. rory block – twelve gates to the city

from the album I Belong to the Band

7. muddy waters – I wants to be loved

from the album UNCUT – The Roots of The Rolling Stones

8. Laurence jones – going down

from the album Thunder in the Sky

9. larry miller – when the blues man walked the earth

from the album On the Edge

10. eddie the cheif Clearwater – black night –falling down heavy

from the album Flimdoozie


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