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Squeeze Box

Squeezebox aims to bring you the very best music from the very best Scottish Ceilidh and Dance Bands across the country. Please do get in touch if you would like to submit music to be played out on the show or if you have any requests.

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Squeezebox crew

I have one of the most varied and eclectic tastes in music you’re likely to come across, from Classical to Ceilidh, from Soft Rock to Hard Trance, there’s a piece of music for every mood – and I love it! My real passion, however, is Scottish Ceilidh and Dance music. You just can’t beat the sound of the accordion and fiddle belting out foot tapping jigs and reels. The perfect music for any Scottish party! I’m brand new to radio presenting and stumbled into it by accident after playing some tunes for family and friends at the start of lockdown on a Saturday night. I cut my radio teeth with a baptism of fire when I covered Sandy Weir’s Scots Connection Show for a few times. I was hooked after that. What a way to connect with people and a golden opportunity to put a smile on someone’s face. Even if it is only for an hour. That’s the magic of radio.

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