Community Radio Explained

Unlike traditional local commercial radio stations, the community radio stations broadcast to smaller areas and they focus on a specific geographic community or a community of interest as Celtic Music Radio does, rather than make a profit.

Celtic Music Radio’s aim is to reflect the needs and interests of our audience.  Our goal is to become a central part of Scotland’s Music Community.  We are keen to create links with our listeners, musicians, festival and club organisers while offering training opportunities and making sure that members of our community can take part in how the station is run.

Funding Celtic Music Radio

The funding of community stations like Celtic Music Radio comes from a number of sources:


Celtic Music Radio is allowed to raise 50% of  running costs from commercial advertising and sponsorship under OFCOM regulations.

For more information, contact our sales team below.

Grant funding

Therefore, at least half of Celtic Music Radio’s operating income must come from other areas. This could include public funding from local or central government, other government agencies, the European Union, the National Lottery or charities, training and employment grant schemes.

We would be happy to hear of any grant funding that may be available. Get in touch below.

Personal individual giving or company donations

If you are keen to support Celtic Music Radio and find out how you can make a difference, either as a personal or company donation, through a grant or by any other means, we would be delighted to meet you.

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Funding enquiries

Funding enquires can be addressed to:

Liz Clark, Company Secretary, Celtic Music Radio Ltd
95-96 Centre Management Office
Braehead Centre
Kings Inch Road
G51 4BN

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