Sound Sense

Live Sound

We are a PA company established in 1982 working worldwide and have undertaken tours of the USA, Canada, Australia, Scandinavia and most of the rest of Europe.

Most of our work is in the field of folk/traditional music, but we also enjoy working in other areas and music genres.

We also supply and operate for corporate events.

Recording Studio

Sound Sense PA Hire are already well known for their commitment to providing high quality sound for musicians,singers and bands working in traditional music.

Our mobile recording unit can capture the live sound and atmosphere of concerts and festivals.

We are constantly upgrading and investing in new equipment. At present we have Pro-tools HD running on an Apple-Mac Pro, and a Yamaha O2R/96 running Pro-tools with the Apple Mac in the editing suite near Dumfries giving us greater flexibilty – for ourselves and for our clients.

Tel: 01659 74537
Mob: 07860 375183

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