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JOHN ALEXANDER AT THE GLAD CAFE JOHN ALEXANDER is in glorious form on his latest album, ‘Face The Wind’ – and in this live setting he delivers its tracks in a potent and compelling manner, his downbeat vocals and atmospheric guitar work, nurtured by a downright brilliant one-night stand of band. The album is an […]

  COLONEL MUSTARD & THE DIJON 5 THE LAURETTES The Laurettes rocked the stage from the opening belter “Witches” which is a very catchy singalong song and instantly had the audience dancing, clapping, and enjoying themselves. Every song was an instant crowd pleaser and their ability to engage the enthusiastic audience was excellent especially on […]

It says much for Fara’s progress in the last few years that they topped the bill in the Main Auditorium at the RCH over 20-year-seasoned multiple-award-winners Genticorum, but it has to be said that their combination of skill, stagecraft, and the well-rehearsed integration of guests into their set (including a reappearance of Genticorum) made the […]

ARCHIE FISHER’S songs are like a warm fire on a cold night and never fail to bring joy. His outstanding skills on the guitar, complemented by his gentle vocals and excellent stories, made for an entertaining and enjoyable concert. Archie told us that the guitar he was using on stage had not been played on […]

From the explosive, opening number through to the incredible finale with everyone on stage and the audience on its feet, this was an amazing performance. We first encountered Carlos Nuñez when we interviewed him in Galicia, a lifetime or so ago. We’ve followed his musical career ever since. Here he was joined by his brother, […]

ALISON BROWN LOW LILY Scottish lever harpist Lucie Hendry, with guitarist Dennis Iversen, and drummer Christoffer Skovhus opened the proceedings with a folk/jazz fusion set blending Scottish folk influences with a mixture of jazz styles mainly tending to the jazz-rock side. It’s unusual to hear a harp in this kind of context, but Lucie’s rippling […]

When The Wynntown Marshals take to the stage the feeling is that you’re about to be wrapped up in their well-honed, spirited songs – and that’s just what happened at this terrific gig. The Scottish band’s mature catalogue is excellent and imaginative, no track sounds like another and their musicianship means they can vary the […]

MARGO PRICE The hands of time are ticking along very nicely for the Midwest farmer’s daughter and this brilliant gig shows exactly why. It’s a fast-as-a-whip set that MARGO PRICE and her ace band The Pricetags race through, harvesting songs from her crop of albums to deliver them with country, soul and rootsy glee. She […]

Eddi Reader’s entire set was warm, relaxed, at times hilarious and felt like we were all in one big living room enjoying the songs and stories of one of this country’s best singer/songwriters. Gracing the stage with familiar gems like Find My Love, Perfect, Patience of Angels, as well as gorgeous arrangements of Burns’ classics […]

        This was the story of a journey. A journey taken by a violin that had a beautiful sound but had no name. It became a traveller through time, passing through the hands of many musicians, each of whom left their marks upon it. It was a recital that was part storytelling, […]

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