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Bob has been presenting the Transatlantic Conversations show on Sundays from 2 pm – 4 pm since October 2017. On the show, he plays folk and acoustic-based songs, both ancient and modern, from both sides of the Big Water. He also welcomes studio guests from the vast pool of talent that is trad-based music, both here and abroad.

He is also a practising musician, singer, and songwriter. Way back in his rocking days, Edinburgh-born Bob was approached by the Kinks managers – who put him in the studio and recorded demos of his songs – and Chrysalis Records – who were looking for someone to write something on the lines of Total Eclipse of the Heart!

Although those early contacts didn’t pan out, they did lead Bob to work with great musicians, some of which were members of hit bands like Camel, The Hank Wangford Band, Corey Hart Band, Clancy, Orange Juice, and the Sensational Alex Harvey Band.

In 2012, by now a long-term resident of Glasgow, Bob returned to full-time folk music. In 2017, he released Land and Sea, 12 self-penned musical tales from Caledonian life and legend. As one reviewer remarked, “as per the title of one of these songs, Bob literally is ‘The Seanachai’, or traditional storyteller/historian.”

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